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What is Google Drive ?

Google Drive is an essential and useful cloud storage service that has been provided absolutely free by Google. Which helps the users to store and synchronize their Person/Official Data’s, Documents, or any of your own content with a Personal Computer, Laptops and a Compatible Mobile Devices. It has been specially designed to work even with the Android tablet, Android Mobiles and Apple iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.

Google Drive - Tech Buzzes

Google Drive allows you to store and view your files, documents and almost every data of yours online, any time – anywhere. The Best & efficient part of Google Drive is that is supports enormous number of file extensions which includes Documents, Video Files, precious Pictures and many more Data’s easily with just some clicks away. You can even share the files with others and make it accessible in a cloudly manner.

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Google Drive is a very useful product which is helpful for a user to share his/her content with others and to store their files in an very secure and safe manner which is totally free of cost. It even helps the small scale business firms and its employees to store their official data on cloud and make it access able from anywhere such that it can be accessed by other Firm members or their own group members by proving the privilege rights to access it.

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Google Drive comes up with 5GB of free space, when it isn’t sufficient you can additionally increase your Google Drive Storage space with a Paid month Subscription starting from $2.49 for 25GB And $4.99 or 100GB . You are free to choose your Subscription plan which meets your Personal/Business requirement.

Features of Google Drive:

  • Free Storage – Google Drive provides you with a free storage of 5GB over cloud which can be accessed anytime.
  • Supports various File Extensions –Videos, Photo’s, and Word Documents, PDF’s and much more you can name which is supported by Google Drive. You can upload upto 30 different file types.
  • Share easily – you have a document, or a video, or a picture to share on your drive? Share it easily by just selecting the corresponding File or the folder and by pressing the “Share..,” option. You can easily share your files, folder or even your entire drive just with simple clicks.
  • Compatible with Windows/MAC, Android, and IOS devices –Google Drive is made to work with the Windows/Mac Operating systems and more over its enhancements had made it work even with the Android Devices – Mobiles, Tablet & Apple Devices – iPhone, iPads, and iPods running IOS.
  •   Search easily from large files – you can search with a keyword or filter the file with its file type, or even with the corresponding owner of the file and much more.
  • Converting Files – you can easily convert a file type to another by simply selecting the file and converting it to another file type. You can covert Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Much more.

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