Broken Sword II – The Smoking Mirror For Android & iOS


Broken Sword II – The Smoking Mirror is the one of the best adventurous games which was early released for Windows and Play Station and later it was released for iOS, Mac OS X, and finally it was released for Android too. Broken Sword II is the next installment in Broken Sword Series. There are some more installments in Broken Sword Series were are yet to be released in different platforms including iOS and Android. Broken Arrow is a 2D game and it is played using the interface point-and-click.

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Broken Sword

Broken Sword Game Plot

Broken Sword is a single player. The player plays a role of an American George Stobbart who become s the eyewitness of the kidnapping of Nicole Collard his girlfriend. Nicole Collard a journalist starts investigating about a ruthless gang who supplies drugs that will take her and also his boyfriend George Stobbart to an unexpected world where they have to overcome the evil powerful antagonists who will do anything to make their ambition cm true. The player’s role is to guide George Stobbart who is the protagonist of this game by selecting the many available commands. The protagonist’s girlfriend Nicole Collard is also a character that will play in certain parts of the game. The player will control the game by using the mouse or game pad.

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Broken Sword

Game Features

  • The game’s interface is very easy and also there are several characters where we have to interact
  • The graphic sequences and animation are amazing that will make us to interact more easily.
  • The game provides us with a map which will help to explore even the small locations in more detail.
  • Multiple language subtitle with option for some languages like Spanish, English,Italian, etc. for android devices.
android games,broken sword,smoking mirror,techbuzzes,,android
Broken Sword

Apart from the The Smoking Mirror there are some other installments in the broken sword series that have been released for PC and Play Station and it is yet to release in android and iOS very soon. The 5th installmet in the broken sword series called The Serpent’s Curse   is gearing up for mid 2013  in all the platforms including the iOS and Android


Broken Sword II –   The Smoking Mirror

iOS users Click Here

 Android Users Click Here



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