Clean Unnecessary Files Automatically From iPhone, iPad or iTouch With PhoneClean

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It is quite common with the users who owns an iPhone, iPad , iTouch or any iDevice experiencing issues on the storage space.where the memory is being hold or occupied by the other files where the Temp files or the data’s are being stored. Now it’s time to forget all  those issues  as you can Clean Unnecessary Files easily that are available on all your iDevice’s using the magical Software PhoneClean 2.0.2.

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PhoneClean is an Unique & Secure Software tool that is used for detecting and removing the junk files which occupies the space unnecessary on your iOS Devices. It eventually looks for

  • Hidden Temproary Files,
  • Cache Files,
  • Corrupted Media Files ,
  • Cookies
  • and Scripts Logs

that are produced while Synchronizing with your iTunes . You can clean unnecessary files Automatically from iPhone , iPad, iTouch or Any iDevice easily & will experience your iDevice getting fast and Lag free opening of Apps.

Secure , privacy ,Clean Unnecessary Files with PhotoClean ,Clean Unnecessary Files,PhotoClean 2.0.2, PhotoClean,,Techbuzzes
PhoneClean Privacy

PhoneClean Prevents and helps you from leaking of your Personal Information, your browsing history, Account Numbers.., etc, that were stored as cookies , Scripts or Logs.With some clicks away you can flush all those data’s such that it doesn’t fall into wrong hands and you can experience a secure usage.

Top Features of PhoneClean :

  • Delete the Hidden Junk Files :
    • It quickly finds and removes all the hidden temp files which are being generated by complex calculations and Exchange of data’s to free up the storage space.
  • Clearing the cache File & offline files:
    • It safely deletes the cache files and files that were used offline to reduce your Apps and keep your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Devices running fast & Secure.
  • Remove Cookie & Script Files :
    • It Cleans up cookie & the script files that were on your iPhone or iDevice before backing it up to iTunes or to your iCloud Account to prevent the leakage or mishandling of your personal information/Data.
  • Cleanup corrupt media files :
    • It very quickly fetches out all the corrupted media files which were produced by iTunes failed synchronization.It even helps you Keep your iPhone, iPad, iPod from getting useless junk files.
  • Compatible With PC & Mac OS :
    • The Latest PhoneClean Software works for both PC and Mac and is fully compatible to work with Windows XP / Vista/ 7/ 8, Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

 Download PhoneClean 2.0.2

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