Grom Social Network For Kids


Social Networking sites are always a Restricted Place/ No Entry Area for the Kids who are under age & who needs to socialize with the outside world. Most of the Social Networking websites have Terms and Policies which restricts the under aged teenager to register  with their site as it is inappropriate and unsafe to their career.

Even the World most famous and known Social Networking HUB “Facebook” doesn’t allow the under age teenagers to register with them as their Terms & Policies are against it. All those under age teen’s always have an dream to be on social networking sites to socialize their view’s , ideas , their positive attitudes and their daily happenings.

One such Teen made it possible by launching Grom Social Network for kids.

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Grom Social Network

Grom is an Social Network specially made and developed for the kids and brought by an passionate 12 Year old Zach Marks. when he was 11 years , he wanted to join Facebook but as he was under 13 years he was not given Legal privilege to register on the Facebook. even then he created two of his own profiles which was viewed by one of his family friend and was reported to his parents as it was unsafe to the Pre-teen to be on the Facebook.

Later on which Mark was told that if he wanted to be on social network, then it has to be his own. that’s where mark was desperate to create Grom social network for kids, such that he can get attention on his age group teen fellows towards his network.

Grom social network for kids by Mark resulted positive as he states there are about 14,500 Active members on his Social network which was created by him, he was able to bring members to Grom Social Network for kids with the help of his dad’s friend. It is stated that Mark wants his own created Social Network to be called as ‘GROM’ which in terms means ‘A promising Young Individual who wants to Learn’.

 GROM – ‘A promising Young Individual who wants to Learn’


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