Hike Messaging App – For Android & iOS


Hike messaging app is also one of those Messaging Apps that will save every penny. Hike messaging app is a cross platform messaging service. This app is similar to other messaging apps as well but main advantage is it will allow to message to your friends even if they have not installed the App in their phone. This feature will help for the users to chat with their friends even if they don’t have the internet connection.. What all you need is an internet connection either 2G or 3G.

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Hike Messaging App

Hike Messaging App – User Interface

hike-mobile-verification-ios,im app, hike,messaging app, hike messaging app,techbuzzes.com,techbuzzes
Hike Messaging App

The user interface is also very easy and simple for messaging. The theme of the App is also very cool to see which will give you a pleasant appearance. Once you finished downloading and installing it now you can chat with everyone from anywhere for free. To get started with this App is very easy. You have to enter your phone number for verification and once it is verified then you can start using it. After verifying you will earn a talk time of र10 and each time when your friend joins on your request friend you will be benefited with talk time of र20 for each friend. This talk time can be redeemed once it reaches र50.

Hike Messaging App – Features

  • User can send up to 100 free sms per month to those friends who are not using the App. Temporally this feature is available only in India.
  • It will also allow having a group chat where you can create a group by inviting the friend.
  • images and video clips can be shared very easily.
  • The nudge feature is used to get the attention of your friends. This can be done by double tapping anywhere on the screen.
  • You can add the contacts to favorites by tapping on + symbol near the contact.
  • Users can share location with their friends using a GPS.
  • Users can set their profile picture and  by tapping on picture will give a enlarged view.
  • A wide variety of more emoticons are available which will make your conversation very cool.


hike-mobile-verification-ios,im app, hike,messaging app, hike messaging app,techbuzzes.com,techbuzzes,ios, android
Hike Messaging App

Apart from Android and iOS, this messaging app is available for windows, Nokia and it is gearing up to release in BlackBerry very soon.


Android users – download Hike Messaging App here

Windows Phone users – download Hike Messaging App here

Nokia users – download Hike Messaging App here

 iOS users – download Hike Messaging App here

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