Mobile Security & Antivirus – Bitdefender for Android

android, mobile security,, techbuzzes, bitdefender
Mobile Security & Antivirus Bitdefender

When comes to security there is always a threat whether it is for mobile or for PC.  Although the mobile users are increasing day by day, the threat to the mobile user  also increases day by day.Android users now can use Mobile Security and Antivirus Bitdefender to protect their mobile and also the data from various security threats. The Mobile Security & Antivirus Bitdefender will provide a strong protection from the latest threat as well. Some features in this app are free and some will come under paid.

android, mobile security,, techbuzzes, bitdefender
Mobile Security & Antivirus Bitdefender

Mobile Security & Antivirus Bitdefender Features

The Mobile Security & Antivirus Bitdefender has four modules where each module has different ability. All these modules are indicated by different icon.

  • Malware Scanner
  • Application Audit
  • Web Security
  • Anti-Theft
android, mobile security,, techbuzzes, bitdefender
Mobile Security & Antivirus Defender

Malware Scanner (Free)

The malware scanner will scan your entire phone or tablet including the sd card (if you wish).This malware scanner will scan automatically whenever you restart your device. It will also scan the apps that you have already installed and also the new apps that you will install.

Application Audit (Free)

Most of the apps which we install in our devices will ask for permissions to access our data. Application audit will give you a glimpse of all the apps which have been installed. By just a single tap on any one particular app we can get the details of that app. If we look the app to be malicious then we can uninstall it very easily.

Web Security (Premium)

Web Security will deal with threats which will affect our devices through web page. If we enable the web security it will start running in background then whenever we open a web page it will warn us if the web page has some malware. It will keep on warning whenever the web page contains any malware or other malicious code it will stop loading it.

Anti – Theft (Premium)

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Anti-theft protection will help us to locate our phone in case we have missed it somewhere. And also we can also send commands through SMS. The Bitdefender will help us track the location of the device and it will send a text message when the sim card is replaced. We can also lock the phone through Bitdefender website. This will currently works only in default android browser


Bitdefender will secure the devices by preventing the installation of suspicious applications and also give a long battery stand-by. Bitdefender currently runs on the android 2.2 and above versions and it needs an active internet connection.

Download  Mobile Security & Antivirus – Bitdefender for Android by Clicking Here

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