Remove Duplicate Files Quickly From PC

duplicate files, delete duplicate files,remove duplicate files,techbuzzes

The fastest ways to fill your hard drive is by storing duplicate files. Most of the times we aren’t even informed that our PC contains duplicates. These duplicates come from enormous places without our knowledge: accidental copying of files, misplaced files on other locations, downloading multiple files, etc. But one thing for sure is that they can blow your system space down.

duplicate files, delete duplicate files,remove duplicate files,techbuzzes

These duplicates are never been detected by any of the disk cleaners. you only waste your system load time by such disk cleaners. For all these issues we provide you with easy and simple tools, which are totally available for free. Though which you will be easily able to detect and clean out the duplicates within very little time and free up a lot of space on your Hard drive.

    • Duplicate Files Finder
    • Duplicate Cleaner
    • AllDup
    • SimilarImages
  • Duplicate Files Finder :

“Duplicate Files Finder is an unique Application tools which Searches for the files that are being located already ( those files which has the same content, but not with the same name) and allows the user to remove those files by deleting it and removing it totally”. Duplicate Files Finder helps by locating and extracting duplicates. Its algorithm is made to work, by sorting all the files by size, then comparing those files of  the equal size of the same content. But Considering, it’s not an good idea to do the same with audio and pictures(which differs in size and file formats), but for other things, it works great.

duplicate files, delete duplicate files,remove duplicate files,Duplicate Files Finder, techbuzzes

Download Duplicate Files Finder

  • Duplicate Cleaner :

Duplicate Cleaner is an another Tool , that requires more of manual configuration than automatic. Before you take complete advantage of it,  you need to set it up effectively & correctly. It is considered to be very powerful and easy to use.

duplicate files, delete duplicate files,remove duplicate files,Duplicate Files Finder, duplicate cleaner, techbuzzes

The manual setup establishes in the form of  directories you want to search for duplicates. Instead of scanning entire PC(which could take very long time depending upon on capacity of files), you can specify Manually which Drive to search for. Duplicate Cleaner finds every duplicate in all the specified drives and displays you with a Complete list of all the duplicates.

After detecting the duplicate files, you can either delete those files or  move them to a separate directory. you can even leave a shortcut in their place. Duplicate cleaner is an yet another effective tool to be tried.

 Download Duplicate Cleaner

  • AllDup : 

AllDup is an yet another powerful duplicate detector developed by Michael Thummerer. AllDup contains  lots of useful features and flexibility of what it is capable of doing, but it is comes for a Paid cost. The interface is not easy and it could not be easy for users who are completely Newbies . If you learn to use this tool, your Drive space can be optimized in an effective and efficient manner.

duplicate files, delete duplicate files,remove duplicate files,Duplicate Files Finder, allDup,alldup cleaner, techbuzzes

Download AllDup

  • SimilarImages : 

SimilarImages is an Image Detecting tool, which detects for similar images on your PC. It is an effective software for those users who have been maintaining lots of images on each drives and are unaware that those files already exists on other drives.The best thing about SimilarImages is that, it displays you the two images simultaneously when it finds the same duplicate image, which allows you to compare the images side by side. you may easily delete the detected image at the time of comparing itself. SimilarImages is an best solution for those with tons of Duplicate Images.

duplicate files, delete duplicate files,remove duplicate files,Duplicate Files Finder,SimilarImages, techbuzzes

Download SimilarImages


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