Strike Suit Zero – An Action-Packed Space Game


Strike Suit Zero – An Action-Packed Space Game

Strike Suit Zero a new game designed and developed by Born Ready Games, a independent game studio. Strike Suit Zero is designed to revive genre of space combat with the introduction of new element called strike mode. It is one of the classic games of the space combats. It will offer you a fantastic space environment and also it will give you an excellent experience. Third person view and first person cockpit view are available in this game.Strike Suit Zero – An Action-Packed Space Game for the gamers.

Action, space, game, action-packed, Strike Suit Zero - An Action-Packed Space Game
Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suit Zero is an space-combat action-packed game set in the future world. The countdown has begun and the space shooter is the only hope to as the planet is going to be destroyed. The Strike Suit Zero will charge you with various abilities and outlandish powers. It is also a mission based game

Strike Suit Zero is single player game where the player will fight in extensive war opposed by the collective forces of the other colonies of other spaces. The player role is one of the small parts in this major conflict. The game will not only revolve around the player but there will be a counterfeit battle going on between the enemy and the allied forces as  the player have to implement certain challenging  objectives making the players role more easy and challenging.

Action, space, game, action-packed, Strike Suit Zero - An Action-Packed Space Game

Player Crafts:

Suit Zero will have the following four types of crafts:

  • Strike Suit
  • Interceptor
  • Fighters
  • Bombers


There is various range of weapon that is available for the player and also the player can unlock new weapons as he progress in the games. Some of the weapons are as follows:

  • Machine Guns
  • Unguided Rockets
  • Plasma Cannons
  • Missiles


Right now Strike Suit Zero has been released only on PC. But its console versions for Xbox 360 and PS3 are gearing up for release. This game will support HOTAS joystick and Oculus Rift

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