Subway Surfers Game For PC


Subway Surfers is the most popular and evergreen trending game on iOS and Android, which is now available to play Free on PC. It is the one of the Best time killer game,that will never stop your Time & Game from Running.

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Subway Surfers

It is yet another endless running Game just like Temple Run, but with Completely different scenario. The game play keeps you running on the Subway tracks as long as you hit the obstacles your way and get caught by the Chasing Police and his companion dog. Your Aim in the game is to achieve the Highest game point and collecting the Gold Coins coming on the way.


On your way you will come across many Power-ups like

  • Jetpack – It makes you Fly above ALL of the trains and collect coins along the way on Air.
  • Magnet – It Grasps all the coins automatically which comes on your way.
  • Super Sneakers – It Makes you to Run Faster and Jump Higher.
  • 2X Multiplier –  It Multiples your Score Twice when it is active.

Only Power-ups are not sufficient to save your life on Subway Surfers, you need to watch through many of the obstacles like  Train’s, light posts & Lamps, Halt Wooden Barricades, Etc.. The Controls are very simple and easy, you only need to swipe Left or Right on the Screen to switch tracks and Slide UP and Slide Down to escape from the barricades.

Subway Surfers is also known Entertaining for its variety of characters that are available to choose. Some Of the Characters are free to choose and some are to be purchased using the Coins we have achieved in the Game. It was very disappointing to some of them as they watch their friends, play the game on their iOS or Android device. But now its time for them to be overwhelmed with the Joy that Subway Surfers can now also be played on PC.

 Download Subway Surfers Game For PC


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  1. How I can control the game with keyboard keys???
    Its little difficult to play with mouse.
    Please help.
    Pawan Jasoria