7 Tips To Avoid Facebook Hack [How-To]


It is quite common that most of the accounts created on Facebook are Fake. And the purpose of creating those fake accounts is mostly for Hacking others account, Spying or illegal use. the victims of Facebook Hack are mostly found to be the users who mostly are inactive or the people who have much spare time to maintain their Facebook Profiles

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A Report says that Users who rarely visit their profile (or) use their profile occasionally can be cautious with less chances of getting their account being hacked by following the 7 Tips to avoid Facebook Hack.

7 Tips To Avoid Facebook Hack :

  • Tweak Your Name : Changing your name and tweaking it a little can help you from inevitable hack.
  • Stop Geotagging : It is always safe to avoid Geo-tagging your photo’s. Because, Geo-tagging records your Location (latitude and longitude) and displays where the picture was clicked.
  • Duplicate Age : Never use your real age for socializing , its always safe to lie on your age. Age works as a key to Most of the hackers to steal your identity.
  • Never Provide Credit/Debit Card Information : This is considered the main reason behind most of the Facebook hack. Hackers try to steal and look for your Credit/Debit card information so they can use it for illegal purposes. So, Always be aware to never provide your Card Information.

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  • Have Some boundaries : When an Person information is asked keep it for yourself, never publicize it. Keep limitations of what photo’s to be posted (Never post pictures, which shows your locker area,your safe code.,etc)
  • Keep An Eye on your TimeLine : Never forget to visit your timeline when you login,and always try to remove any tags or posts that shares your personal information.
  • De-activate Account Temporary (or) Permanently  : Simple yet effective way , is always to De-activate your account temporarily when you will get back , And permanently if you are not getting back. It helps you from getting your Facebook hack and having your Information Safe.

A bonus piece of Cake TIP(Security) : “Never use your Facebook Account Password elsewhere, it makes the hackers to hack those accounts as well, easily”

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