5 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

Every Person holding a Multimedia Mobile these days says “WhatsApp Me”. It is a Short way of informing their partner or friend to Text them or Contact them Via WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp is a Very Famous, and Widely Known Messenger for your Android, iOS, Blackberry as well as Nokia Device’s. It is an excellent Instant Networking App which is loved by everyone. Almost all the Multimedia Mobile users have this App on their mobile to get connected with their friends instantly.

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WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp features the most excellent updates on Sharing Files Instantly (Video’s, Song’s…Etc), Creating Group Conversation, Sharing Voice Notes, Sharing your Location, Etc. Seeing the App you might wonder of losing your Data Usage. The Best thing about WhatsApp Messenger is that it consumes very less Usage of your GPRS/3G Data usage.  When you first use this messenger you will experience that the Sharing of your Images and Videos are pretty quick than you expected with less usage of your Data Pack.

It’s very obvious that not everyone might be lucky to have such a wonderful App on their Mobile. Because WhatsApp Messenger isn’t designed to work on some of the Phones. Like Samsung Wave III, Wave II, Etc which has Bada OS. Those unfortunate users need not worry or lose their hope. Because today we come to you with 5 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger.

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List of 5 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger:

  • Skype
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Skype is a popularly known IM Application for PC, and Recently Built For Mobile Devices, iPad’s & Tablets. The Best reason for Skype to be the best alternative for Whatsapp is that. Apart from Instant Messaging, Skype even support Skype-Skype voice and video calls for free.It gives you pure voice clarity. Unlike Whatsapp Messenger, Skype allows you to freely Log In and Log Out at your convenience. Enjoy your break free connectivity with Skype.

Download Skype For Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone

  • Viber
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Viber is my Personal Best after WhatsApp, because it mostly supports all the devices and is compatible with them. The functions changes according to your device. Viber has a great and very simple interface. It is designed in a very simple manner but with excellent use of it. When you contact user joins on viber, you get an notification on the new user who has joined from your contact list. It makes you to have contact with the person instantly. Like WhatsApp Messenger even every user would have viber on their mobile as it becomes an alternate for WhatApp

Download Viber For iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, Bada

  • Tango
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Tango is considered to be the best alternative for Whatsapp Messenger. The App has a very Stylish and colorful User Interface carrying the same features of Whatsapp. Additionally it does much more use than instant messaging. It allows call and video chat with your friends via the 3G Network. Just like voice notes in Whatsapp it has “Hold To Talk” feature which notes and allows to send as Audio files. Give it a try as it can take replacement for WhatsApp on your Device.

Download Tango For Android, iOS, Windows Phone

  • Kik Messenger
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Kik Messenger


Kik Messenger is a greatest choice and better alternative for WhatsApp. It connects you with every user instantly on your contacts with whom you love to talk. Kik has large no of fans and 40 Million users love to use Kik Messenger. It is very much same as the WhatsApp because it features the same functions of Sharing Files but only images. The very best thing about Kik Messenger is that when you get bored, you are free to contact the Kik Automated team any time and spend cut back your time. Try out Kik Messenger and share us your experience as it is the app on our list for the best alternate for WhatsApp messenger.

Download Kik Messenger For iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia

  • ChatON
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ChatON is one of the best Messengers developed by “Samsung”. It comes pre-built on all the Samsung Mobiles, such that you need not waste time on searching the app. It is developed with a sleekish UI and Privacy options such that making security of your Conversations. ChatON comes with a variety of Smiley’s, Font Styles, and Templates. You can even have an custom background Image of your own for the conversations. So that you don’t get bored seeing the same background. It can be an better alternative for WhatsApp because of the wide Samsung users.

Download ChatON for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Bada

There are plenty of IM apps which can be an alternate for Whatsapp. Like WeChat, GTalk, etc. But they don’t seem to do the functionality of WhatsApp.  And it doesn’t allow sharing files instantly.Even Facebook messenger can be a great choice, but it can be accessed by the users only with Facebook Account. If you wanted to use an alternate app for WhatsApp then try with the 5 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger.

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