Backup Your Android Apps And App Data Without Rooting Your Device

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Carbon App Sync And Backup

We all have faced situations where we willingly or unwillingly have to Factory Reset our phones for obvious reasons like very slow operation’s, infected with virus, or sending our Phone to the Service Company for claiming the warranty, Get it Replaced, or update our Firmware to the latest version, etc. There’s nothing much to worry about these days, because now resetting the device has become very easy and could be done with some simple methods which needs to be followed properly. But there is one thing we always Fear for and worry about while resetting our Phones. i.e, the fear of losing the Android Apps and the App data’s within our Phone.  Ex : You would have spend hour’s of your time and would have work very hard in achieving all stars on 90% of your Angry Birds Game, and scoring the tremendous High Score of : “ 15,955,633“ in Single Run on Temple Run 2 among your Friends. Who will wish to lose all those accomplishment? wouldn’t it be great if you can be able to Backup all those precious data forever which we could get accurately if gone. Well then, fortunately you can do it with the HeliumAndroid App.

Android Apps,Carbon App,carbon Android App,carbon backup,carbon restore,techbuzzes
Helium App Sync And Backup


Backup Your Android Apps And App Data With Helium:

Helium is an ultimate app that is  developed by the very popular and well known developer – Koushik Dutta.  Helium App Sync and Backup is an very exceptional Android apps for your Mobile and acts as an complete backup tool for protecting and maintaining your App data. It perfectly works on device with Android 4.0 or higher by backing up their Applications and the data inside the app. Its best part is that, you can completely make backup without rooting your device.

The essential things that you will require to make this backup a success will be:

First you must download the Compatible Desktop Application of Helium which is designed to run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (You can download Helium Desktop Application by clicking the link below).

 Download Helium Desktop Application

 Once you have downloaded and installed the Software on your respected Computer, begin the Helium Desktop app. connect your device via the USB cable to your computer, and then start the Helium App which you download on your phone or on your Android tablet. Then wait for some seconds, and Helium App will fully process and allow you to make back of all your Apps and App data’s. After the backup was successful, you can then disconnect your phone/tablet from your desktop and make utilize of the App on your device effectively.

Helium has a cool feature which every will take advantage of while using Helium, is it that it allows you to ONLY backup your App Data alone instead of backup the whole App for your Android Apps. Just wonder with this excellent feature how much Time and Space you can save while backing up your device. Think of a scenario: where you only wanted to have backup of Subway Surfers – World Tour Rome data, if you swipe-up to the bottom tab in the app, you can see a Check Box appearing with an option of App Data Only, and it does extract only the data within that app and not the larger size apk App file.

Android Apps,Subway Surfers Android Game,World tour rome,Subway surfers world tour rome,carbon app,carbon backup , carbon restore,techbuzzes

Helium App allows you to make Backup of your device Android Apps in various method’s like backing it on

    • USB Storage,
    • External SD Card,
    • Schedule Backup (Works on Helium Premium),
    • Cloud Storage (Works on helium Premium)

Android Apps,Carbon App,carbon Android App,carbon backup,carbon restore,techbuzzes

If you don’t want your Phone SD card or Internal Memory to be filled with the data then you can try to Backup on the Cloud with the Cloud Storage option. Where you can backup your data for free, but restoring your data from cloud storage requires Helium (Premium) which is a paid version.

Android Apps,Carbon App,carbon Android App,carbon backup,carbon restore,techbuzzes

If you are free to go with the Helium Premium, then you will additionally experience and get Premium feature like Backing up & Restoring the Data from Google Drive, Drop box and your favorite cloud service. Cloud Storage on Helium is an extremely helpful feature that allows you to restore all your Data easily without any need to connect your device to a PC when you purchase a new Phone and without an SD card.

Android Apps,Carbon App,carbon Android App,carbon backup,carbon restore,techbuzzes

It even helps to retrieve your data if you seem to have lost your mobile. You can easily make backup of all your Android Apps on your Device and restore all those Android Apps directly on your Mobile. You can easily restore all your Android Apps that have been backup on your SD card or internal Memory of your Phone. You are free to select only the selected Apps that you wish to restore. Now Backup Your Android Apps and App Data with Helium and get hold to your favorite data from losing it.

Download Helium Android App


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  1. Hi there

    Have a problem with doing my backup. Wondering if you might be able to shed some light.

    Any idea what I could have missed out?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I read many an article on this type of program as I just upgraded from the Droid RAZR to the Samsung S4….I couldn’t get it to work and this was the response I was given from customer service…..
    *****As the play store page states, Helium is not compatible with any Motorola device.

  3. carbon Helium – App Sync and Backup not support on gb 2.3.6

    any other software like carbon Helium – App Sync and Backup????

  4. downloaded for both phone (S3) & desktop, but it keeps saying “waiting for helium desktop app to enable backup on android” no matter how many times i re-plug or re-start. help!

  5. Hi, I’m having troubles with my Galaxy S2 (i9100). I’m using a PC with Win 8 and have tried restarting, different USB ports and installing/uninstalling

    Any Suggestions?

  6. Hi there

    can you help. whenever i try to download to the External SD card, the app asks me for an encryption code. any idea what this is?


    • Hello Charles,
      i seem to sense you might have interrupted the backup process or else your device is rooted.
      Because the App does the Export to SD card perfectly with out asking for any encryption code.
      i recommend you to re-install your APP once and try again.
      Hope that works.

  7. now I backuped Subway surfer and have extension with .ab and cant extract it on the new device, I tried copying file in the storage, uploaded on G drive, .. still hopeless ,, Helium didnt detect any files to be restored..

  8. Hi, i made a backup to my subway surfers but when i try to restore it after i reseted my phone i get this error: “An error occurred while performing your app restore. A log of the error has been sent to ClockworkMod.” What can i do?