Best Keyboard Replacement Apps for Default Android Keyboard


There are huge varieties of third party keyboard apps that are available, if you are unhappy with the default Android keyboard that came with your Android device. Then you can choose your own keyboard style from the variety of alternative Keyboard Apps that are designed for Android. Those keyboard Apps are helpful and it even makes predictions if you drop spaces between the words, or make spelling mistakes while typing.

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We will provide you with a small list of Best Keyboard Apps for Default Android Keyboard that are available. Which are best in terms of use and other capabilities, considering the best replacement for the Android’s Default Keyboard.

List of Keyboard Replacement Apps for Default Android Keyboard :

  •  Swype

Swype is the most popular and widely used alternate Android keyboard. It became very famous and widely used by the users worldwide within a short time. Because of its excellent spacing and very easy to use and implement keyboard functions. Most of the Android users go with this app, as it is flexible to switch between this keyboard and other built-in keyboard that is available.

  • Swiftkey

Swiftkey is another famous & popular third party keyboard application. It has a very nice keyboard style which is relatively easy to use. There is not much of a difference to be seen in functionality of Swiftkey and Swype. But, It comes up with the Auto Complete function as it is available in the Swype. Swiftkey is a bit more advanced than what Swype has for offer.

  • Better Keyboard

Better Keyboard can generally be for those with Big Fingers. The buttons in this keyboard are slightly bigger than Swype and Swiftkey keyboard. And it avoids pressing the wrong key while pressing the right key. Ex: It helps you to avoid pressing the wrong key (Q) when you were about to press (W).  It comes with an excellent theme styles which you can select the flavor of your choice.

  •  Thick Buttons

Thick Buttons are familiar with Better Keyboard, but it is designer with a bigger or thicker buttons. It likely offers the same functionality as the other Android keyboard but it gives less responsive to touch when compared with the other keyboards.

  •  Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is also supposed to be one of the best keyboards with a variety of theme styles to it. It comes up with a list of more than 20 Keyboard Skin styles installed. You can easily choose the one which fits you the best. But, In Go Keyboard the buttons are designed slightly smaller than the other ones and there are chances of typographical errors. Still it’s an recommended top Android Keyboard which can be better than the default keyboard.

 This isn’t the end; there are many more Android Keyboards which can be an alternative use for the default keyboard which comes with android. But these are the most famous and widely used Keyboard Apps among the users. It is well recommend trying it yourself and experiencing the change in your texting style.

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  1. Swipe and SwiftKey rocks.. I used both of them and found the Swiftkey best but Swipe is also good. Now looking for the BB Z10’s keyboard to test typing on that.