10 Essential Apps for your Android Phones

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In the Recent years, Android phones have gained huge response from the user’s worldwide. And its app’s have been one of the most famous and widely used applications on Google Play Market. There are millions of fantastic apps on the Google Play store, where some are paid and some can be downloaded for Free. In this post, we bring forward the Top 10 Must-have apps for your Android Phones. Which are recommended and essential for android lovers to use them on their android phones.

Android ,Android phones,techbuzzes,Titanium Backup, ES File Explorer, DU Battery Saver pro, Apex Launcher Pro, iPhone Keyboard Emulator, Smart App Protector, Startup Manager, CleverConnectivity , MovieTube Free Full Movies,

List of Top 10 essential apps for your Android Phones:


  • iPhone Keyboard Emulator

When your android keyboard doesn’t make you happy, ever imagined using an iPhone Keyboard on your Android Phone? Yes its possible now as you can enjoy the iPhone Keyboard layout while enjoying the cool features of Android with iPhone Keyboard Emulator. With this keyboard being installed, you can make your typing faster and easier. There are even Best Keyboard Replacement Apps for Default Android Keyboard if you are unhappy.

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Download iPhone Keyboard Emulator


  • Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a widely used and very effective app used in many android phones. It surely and promisingly the best and most popular backup app for Android. If you are really worried about losing your Mobile Data accidentally, then you probably need to have it installed on your phone to have backup on your device personal data’s. But in order to make it work effectively, you need to root access your android device.

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Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup allows you to create a back-up of all your apps and every data, that is available on your phone and it has been integrated with excellent cloud feature of uploading or downloading the files with help of Applications like the drop box and the famous and widely known Google Drive.

Download Titanium Backup App

  • Firefox

Have you started using it already? Then it’s right time now for you to start using it if, you have been still the default browser. Firefox is the best browser developed for your Android Phones.

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Download Firefox

  • DU Battery Saver pro

Not only iPhone users, even the android users are worried about their battery getting drained quickly and experience that the battery life is getting too short. For all such battery issues, all you will need is a good App to manage Power consumption on your android Phone and make effective use of the battery. DU Battery Saver Pro is an solution to all the battery issues. It helps you in all the effective ways on increasing your battery life and your phone usage.

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Download DU Battery Saver pro

  • Apex Launcher Pro

There are huge numbers of launchers that are available for Android Phones at Google Play and some of these launchers quickly eat up your entire RAM. We tried with couple of other launchers as well, including the GoLauncherEX which required more plugins that has to be downloaded before we finally decided up with the Apex Launcher pro. Apex Launcher Pro makes full of changes on your entire Home Screen and allows you to customize it according to your own taste. It is considered to be one of the best App, which can be used to customize and give excellent UI to your phone. Not only that, now you may even have more apps on to your scrollable dock, you will be allowed to install great looking themes, and have cool transition effects.

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Download Apex Launcher Pro


  • ES File Explorer

Considering that most of the Android devices comes with a default Built-in File Explorer and if at all your phone doesn’t have then, you can make use of this ES File Explorer App. After we install this app, we will rarely be using the default file manager, because the features in this app come up with more than its usual behavior. The best feature of this app is that, it allows you to back up all the installed applications to .apk packages. Whenever you download Apps from Google Play, this special explorer will put down the .apk file on to your mobile device and stores it on your SD card. It’s one of the coolest way to make a package of downloaded application in inform of .apk, allowing you to share it with your friends via Bluetooth or any share methods.

ES File Explorer,android phones,ES File Explorer for android phones,ES File Explorer for android mobiles,
ES File Explorer


Download ES File Explorer


  • Smart App ProtectorIt’s always annoying when people take your phone and start going through all your personal stuffs on your mobile without your permission. Some of them even go through your mobile and anonymously start to read your Personal SMS. For Student’s its always hectic to hide their Girl Friends personal SMS and stuff from getting it read by their friends sneaking it. Smart App Protector helps you to lock the selected apps which you don’t want people to use. You can lock all your installed Apps, Your Messages, All your Phonebook Contacts and other stuffs. Whenever someone tries to access them, it will prompt to put password, each and every time when you try to open app.
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Smart App Protector

Download Smart App Protector


  • MovieTube: Free Full Movies

MovieTube: Free Full Movies is an ultimate app for you if you are an movie lover, and love watching movies. It’s a YouTube replacement for watching free full movies in 14 different languages.It is designed and has been authorized to play YouTube Movies in one or more counties for free.

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Download MovieTube: Free Full Movies


  • Startup Manager

As the name of this App, its functionality is also the same which allows your application to enable (or) disable apps during the startup of your mobile device when it’s turned on. The functionality of the startup Manager is very simple yet effective as it allows you to enable or disable the apps that has to be launched during the fresh startup of your mobile.

Startup Manager for android phones,android phones,Startup Manager,Startup Manager for android,techbuzzes
Startup Manager

Download Startup Manager


  • CleverConnectivity

CleverConnectivity is yet another battery saving app that configures and takes care of your connections on you mobile. The connectivity on WiFi, 2G/3G Data, and connectivity cleverly. It even helps you with the connectivity of every app on your android phone.

Download CleverConnectivity

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