How To Free Memory Space to Speed Up Android Devices

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Memory space is one of the important feature in all the devices. There are plenty of apps and games that are available in Google Play for all the Android devices. We use to download and install as much as many apps and games daily. But most of us will have confronted the problem with the Internal Memory Storage in their device. This is because most of the apps will get installed in the internal storage by default that will make the internal storage low. To get rid of this here are some tips that will help to expand the internal storage.

Methods To Free Up Memory Space

Uninstall the Unused Apps:

One of the easiest ways is to uninstall the apps that are least used or not used at all, as it may save some memory space. To uninstall the apps go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications, then tap on menu and ‘sort by size’ and then select app which you want to uninstall and then select the option uninstall.

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Moving Data/Apps to SD:

When we first download and install an app or game by default it gets installed in the internal storage. To move the apps to internal storage go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications, then tap on menu and ‘sort by size’ and then select app which you want to move and select the option “Move to SD card” or “Move to USB storage”.

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To move multiple files you can download the free app AppMgr III from Google Play. The AppMgr III will help you to move the apps from your device to your SD storage. It will also clear the cache memory that has been stored in the devices.


Download AppMgr III


Deletion of Duplicate Files:

Duplicate files may be getting stored in our devices without our knowledge. We have to find it and delete it to increase our internal memory space. To find the duplicate files you can download the Search Duplicate File from the Google Play.

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Delete Duplicate Files

Search Duplicate File will either exclude the duplicate or it will delete the duplicate but once it deletes the duplicate files then it will not be restored once again. It also searches the hidden files too. It searches for music, images and video files also and other apk files too.


Download Search Duplicate Files


Clearing Cache:

There may be temporary files called cache would have been stored in the devices. Mostly the cache files are saved as image files whenever we visit web pages.  This cache will be available take some part of your memory without your knowledge. These cache files are no use when you close the web pages or applications This cache can be deleted only by downloading the app Easy Cache Cleaner. The Easy Cache Cleaner is available for free in the Google Play.,techbuzzes, cache, apps , devices, speed up, memory cleaner, memory space
Easy Cache Cleaner

The Easy Cache Cleaner will delete all the temporary files that are created by the applications. this app will clear the cache in one click and also it has a very good User Interface. You can also sort the apps according to the size using this app and also you can uninstall the unused apps.


Download Easy Cache Cleaner


If all these tips are followed,  you will definitely find your Android device’s ore speed than before as the internal space wold have been increased. Other than these apps there are also many apps that are present in Google Play which will also surely speed up your android device.

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