[HOW-TO] Combine and Merge Multiple Word Documents into a Single Document

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While working on Microsoft Office Word Documents, sometimes users fall in to crucial situation where they waste their time without knowing how to use the excellent inbuilt features available in it.

MS Word,techbuzzes

Think of a situation where you have Multiple Word Documents and you want all those documents to be available in single file. What every user does is, they open each & every word document and copy the data in it then paste it to the new document. Now consider doing it for more than 20 document files, you would realize that the process has taken down lots of your time and have wasted extreme amount of time.

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Just wonder if you be able to Combine and merge Multiple Word Documents into a Single Document easily in just Five Simple Clicks. Then think how much of your time you can save in this simple process which most of the users are unaware.

To Combine and merge Multiple Word Documents into a Single Document follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word Document and Create a New blank document

Step 2: Now click on the Insert tab on the ribbon


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Step 3: Locate the OBJECT and then Click on the down arrow located at the side of the Object. When the options appears select Text from File option.

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Step 4: Now Insert File dialog window will appear asking you to select all Word documents which you wish to combine and merge into one.

Word Documents,techbuzzes

Step 5: After selecting the files which you wish to Combine or Merge, Click on Insert button. You are done.

Now you would see all the selected documents data being inserted in one document one after the another in the order which you selected.

Wasn’t that easy to do, which we were unaware of for such a long time and wasted hours of our time just by Copying & Pasting one by one. Well now that we know, let’s implement and save our time by following the simplest way To Combine and merge Multiple Word Documents into a Single Document with just simple clicks.

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  1. Great help. I actually have hundreds of word files which include names and email addresses (one contact per file) and want to integrate into an excel file. This is a good start for me.