Google Now on iOS via Google Search App

Google Now on iOS, Techbuzzes

Google Now was back then available only for Android devices, but now its time for iOS users to experience the Google Now App which is finally made available for iOS users too. Google Now can be accessed Via Google Search App and it comes with detailed information and latest updates providing all your Google Services at one place. So, if you are an iPhone user then you could easily access all those services at one place.

Google Now on iOS, Techbuzzes

Google Now has be designed with Swipe to access Google Now cards which are updated with Dinner Suggestions, Voice Based Services, Activity Summary, Boarding Passes ,  Events info, instant Weather information, etc… but some of those cards are about to be made available. There are even lots more of cards that are going to be released in near future mean while you can update to the Google Now App via Google Search App for iOS.

Google Now For iOS,Techbuzzes,Google Cards


The Best thing on Google Now is that, your “History of Search” can be put into Google’s History and all your Google Services like Search, Voice Search, Goggles , Gmail , GMaps,  and anything that is connected to your Google Account can be accessed easily. One thing that could be experience will be the performance and the speeds delivered by the App in fetching any search result instantly. When you provide all access to the app then Google Now becomes your well wisher who now knows

  • Where you live,
  • what’s your interest,
  • Where you work , and what possible ways you could travel to your work space hassle-free so you don’t miss your important scheduled meeting… etc..,

Google Now even helps you with the recommendations when you are getting late and by which path you could shortly reach the place on time. When you are travelling, it helps you to find all the nearby places which you could visit and there are whole lots of “Integrated Cards” that would be made available shortly which would give you unique experience of gathering and having detailed information.

Download and Enjoy Google Now For iOS


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