Essential Office Applications for Android & iOS Devices

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With an extensive huge variety of excellent Apps getting poured in to the Google’s Play Store & App Store Day-by-Day. The users tend to take extreme advantage of it downloading all the fantastic Apps and Games that they could use in their Day to Day life in cutting out the boredom. When you have an Android or an iOS device you could never feel alone as it entertains you in all the possible ways it could with the Apps & Games made for it. If you seem to be more of an Office dedicated person, then you could essentially put related apps in your device and cut down your office work by doing those tasks in your Devices. Today, we pin down the Essential Office Applications for Android & iOS Devices.

mobile apps for entrepreneurs,mobile apps,office apps,office applications,techbuzzes


  • List of Essential Office Applications for Android & iOS Devices: 

  • Evernote :

Evernote is actually a quite effective & essential App that’s filled with features, that always helps you to keep sync with everything   across your device and controls with managing & pinning your Notes, your fav images and all other files available to use at one place. It even Records your Audio and helps you to make a audio note out of it and you could eventually save the entire web page so that you can get access to it anytime. It makes effort to collect all the information’s from various places and place it in single Place for you.

mobile apps for entrepreneurs,mobile apps,office apps,Evernote,office applications,techbuzzes

What’s more with Evernote is that, it allows you to create and plan your travel, making confirmations, creating the appropriate maps and the travel documents getting scanned instantly. It all comes on to your fingers when your Android Device is with you.

Download Evernote for iOS , Android , Blackberry , Windows Phone

  • Skype

Skype the World’s Best, Popular and widely used VOIP service provider in the world that connects you with your loved one around the world right from your device with the Skype APP. With this app on your mobile you could make calls at lower price and make free calls from Skype-to-Skype. If you are away from office where conference is going on, you don’t have to miss it just connect it from anywhere and stay connected to job.

mobile apps for entrepreneurs,mobile apps,office apps,office applications,techbuzzes,skype

 You could even make a conference call with all your team members across anywhere with the Skype. Have a video conversation and discuss your important plans with your colleagues. It obviously is an office application that is considered very useful.

Download Skype For Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone

  • CamScanner

CamScanner is an magical app that can change your Smartphone into a scanner . It is an Intelligent Document maker which can scan, edit and sync enormous content into your device. It can feature to scan Multiple pages of Text documents, your bill or receipts, important business cards, etc… very quickly and store them on your device. It is an very widely used and download app.

mobile apps for entrepreneurs,mobile apps,office apps,CamScanner,office applications,techbuzzes

CamScanner allows you to sync your documents just on the go as on real-time, such that you can edit and modify your document. It comes up with an share & upload support from With the CamScanner you could easily search any document within seconds and create it as an PDF file. And you could even search for the specific keyword on the PDF so you quickly navigate to your search.

Download CamScanner For Android, IOS, IPAD

  • Swiftkey

Swiftkey is popular keyboard app an reinvented perfectly for making your typing speed faster and easy. SwiftKey make your fingers to glide through all the ends of your keyboard quickly, analyzing your input words to be really faster and making automated real time predictions and having suggestion on the go when you type. It is an advanced keyboard tool for Office persons who would like to finish their documents quickly right from their mobile device.

mobile apps for entrepreneurs,mobile apps,office apps,SwiftKey keyboard,office applications,techbuzzes

Download SwiftKey For Android

  • CloudOn 

CloudOn is an brilliant Office Application for your Device, which brings Microsoft Office onto your Device. CloudOn allows users to create, review and edit the documents of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It creates an ultimate work space which you would love to use. CloudOn has an option where you could sync documents on to Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive account and make modifications directly and synch them instantly.

mobile apps for entrepreneurs,mobile apps,office apps,CloudOn,office applications,techbuzzes

You could even view all your PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF files…etc directly from your mobile device. The best thing that could happen on your devices CloudOn app is that, automatically saving your editing document such that you don’t lose the changes that have been made. Isn’t that cool to hear it happening on an mobile App. Let then try the CloudOn app.

Download CloudOn For Android, IOS

  • Any.DO

Any.Do is an widely used app by millions of users who keeps record of all your to-do lists and reminds you to get it done on time. It is unlike the other to-do lists apps with an boring design and clustered lists all at one place. It is beautifully designed and give you an easy and user friend access to all your lists.

mobile apps for entrepreneurs,mobile apps,office apps,Any.DO,office applications,techbuzzes

Any.DO benefits you with lots of features like seamless sync on cloud, speech reorganization, excellent alert system, Notes, Google Task syn, Missed call alerts, excellent gestures & so on. Any.Do is and app which is always there for you when you need just with some touches you could make magic. Swipe on your task to check mark your task as done. And just shake your device to clear your completed task lists. Experience it and keep in touch with your Office Applications tasks.

Download Any.DO For Android, iOS

  • Google Drive

Google Drive is supportingly the best Office Application one could ever miss to have on their device. It almost is compatible to run on all the Smartphone’s. Any cloud service couldn’t outage with the Google Drive; the drive holds its top position in all the ways it could in maintaining its services and standards.

mobile apps for entrepreneurs,mobile apps,office apps,Google Drive,office applications,techbuzzes

Most of the Business places and organization uses drive to store their Data and files and share with their organization members on the go. So that they gain access to those files from anywhere. It allows you to store 5GB of Free data on the drive which is totally secure. Start uploading your files right from your Device and get access to it anytime.

Download Google Drive For Android, IOS

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