Top 5 Cloud Storage Apps for Android & iOS Devices in 2013


When it comes to the Storage Space on our Mobile Devices it’s always an never ending issue. Because the space is never sufficient to store all the Apps, Games and our Favorite Multimedia files, etc… Even though we have purchased External Card’s or contain an inbuilt Storage space in GB’s, Day-by-Day it gets filled up so quickly that you wouldn’t even know you have reached the limit and is forced to remove your data. The alternate solution apart from storing it on your Computer is storing those data’s on Cloud. There are many Cloud Storage Apps available for android which can be used to store & access all your Android Device data from cloud. You can always have access to your files from your android device from Cloud Storage. We get you the list of excellent Cloud Storage Apps for Android in 2013, which can be used to store all your data’s on cloud.

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List of Cloud Storage Apps for Android & iOS Devices in 2013:

  • Dropbox

DropBox is an excellent cloud storage app that is available for Android & iOS devices. with dropbox you can bring all your device data at one place beginning with photo’s, video’s , your Doc’s … etc. you get an 2GB of free space when you Sign-up with Dropbox and 3GB of data is automatically increased when you start uploading files to it. The best feature of Dropbox is that you can access all your files from any device & share it with anyone. use Dropbox and save your device space.

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Download DropBox for Android

Download DropBox for iOS

  • Google Drive

Google Drive welcomes you with 5GB of free cloud storage space which can used to store all your data at one location and get accessed to it anytime from anywhere. You can upload all your data’s and your documents can be easily created & edited directly on Google Drive. It’s the best place to have all your personal data’s to be very secure with 2 Step verification process. You never have to worry about you data lost from your device its always available on your Google Drive cloud.

Try: 4 Ways to Access Google Drive

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Download Google Drive For Android Devices

Download Google Drive For iOS Devices

  • Box

Box is an OneCloud Ecosystem of App which has been designed very effectively in protecting your data and its security on the Cloud. It’s been an Favorite App for all those 90% of Fortune 500 companies. They always relay on BOX and its excellent services given them round of the cloud. With Box you can ultimately do all the things which you wouldn’t have image doing right from your device. Give a try with the Box cloud storage app and you will never be out of the Box.

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Download Box for Android Devices

Download Box for iOS Device

  • OpenDrive 

OpenDrive allows you to connect with your data even offline. All you get is 5GB Free cloud storage to keep collaborated with all your data on your fingertips and be connected to it 24×7. Unlike every storage app even OpenDrive always you to instantly edit the docs and make necessary changes when ever required.


Download OpenDrive for Android Devices

Download OpenDrive for iOS Devices


  • Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One App allows protection of your data’s keeping them secure and allowing you to managing them directly from your Android and iOS devices. Whenever you click a Picture on your mobile it will directly be uploaded on the Ubuntu One cloud storage, such that when you click millions of picture on your Device, all your pictures are secure on cloud and even the space on your device is saved because it’s always available on cloud whenever you need it.

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Download Ubuntu one for Android Devices

Download Ubuntu One for iOS Devices


Try all the Cloud Storage Apps for Android and the Cloud Storage Apps for iOS devices and choose your best out of the list.


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  1. One of the best free cloud storage app for android is Dropbox, it is easy to use. You can backup your document at dropbox share it etc…