Simple Ways to Protect Your Files From Data Loss

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We all manage to protect our Computers and Laptop’s from getting damaged, what we do is place it in safe place, protecting it from theft, electronic Short circuits damage, optimized voltage issues, etc. When it comes to our important files & Data’s that is available in our Computer and laptop, then don’t you think of the Procedures and Measures that must be taken in prior to prevent from Data Loss?

data loss,techbuzzes

No Matter how well you manage your Computer, if the internal process like Securing and Backing up your data’s is not taken care then eventually your Computer would end up with Data Loss. Well, there are some methods on data loss prevention which can be put into effort so you could minimize the data loss on your important files. Follow our Simple Ways to Protect Your Files From Data Loss.

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Methods Protect Your Files From Data Loss

  • Backup you’re Windows:

Creating a Backup point and having backup of your computer is one of best and first mandatory method to be followed on your Windows Operating System. Even though there are data loss prevention tools and data recovery tools, the Default Backup Method that comes with Windows is best. It is recommended that you “Turn On” the backup when you have installed your OS. If you have not done it yet, then it’s never late to do it now so you could protect your system from data loss. When your data is backed up, then all your important data and files on your computer are stored so that even if you lose it you can easily restore it back with the backup process.

Step 1: Go to My Computer then select any one of the Drive

Step 2: then Right Click on any the Drive and select Properties > Tools

Step 3: Select Backup Now and follow the further steps.

  • To Back up Your System on Windows 8:  

Go to Control Panel and select File History. (You can save it to an external drive or into another network location).

  • Storing Your Data on Cloud:

Now everyone has internet on their Computers and is connected with it most of the time. The other method which comes handy these days is storing your Important Data on Cloud Storage Services. So that you could store your important data on the Cloud and restore it back whenever you are in need of it. It becomes safe as well as a backup location that is saving your hard drive space of all those files. There are various Cloud Services where you could save your data online like Google Drive, DropBoxBox, etc… Try them out and save your hard disk space as well as securing your data from Data Loss.

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  • Data Recovery Software Tools:

There are varieties of applications that are built to recover your Data. Now the technology has gone way to ahead that, not only your Computer but even your Gadgets data which was lost can be recovered by data recovery software tools. There are Free as well as Paid Software’s that help you in recovering your personal and important data files on your computer. It’s a life saving tools that are developed, which always comes for your help during terrible time of losing valuable data from your system. These data recovery tools may be of great help to you that time.

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  • Use External Drives:

If you have ton’s of Data which is beyond 10 GB, then it’s not possible for every to afford Premium Cloud services and store their data cloudily. But in such cases, where we have GB’s of data to be backed up then we could go with another useful method  of Saving our data’s on External Drives, or optical Disk drives like DVD.  It comes in cheap price and our data are even not at some others place and it is with us always.

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We never need to worry or fear that our data is at some one’s place which we couldn’t even see and might be misused. For all those people who would like to get rid of such worried would go with storing the data on external drives on burn your data on DVD drives.

There are even much more ways by which you could get hold of your data and losing it. Speak to us with more of your views if you come across and we would eventually add it down. For now checklist these methods and make sure you have them right so you do not face data loss.

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