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Facebook is always known for introducing new feature in Facebook and give its user a new and better experience. It bought stickers for Facebook Messenger and just a few days ago it brought twitter like hash tags (#). This time they have come with a different idea. It’s nothing but adding the images in the comments. This feature will give its users a new experience of commenting using a photo.

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Adding Images to Comments

After commenting as texts, emoticons, now every user will be able to comment in the form of adding images to the comment boxes. Facebook has rolled out this new feature in the Facebook Event on 20th of June. Adding an image to the comment is very easy. This feature works as same as the messages where users can send images through messenger. You will see the camera button available at the right hand side of the image. Just click on the button and add the image. If you are not able to see the camera button than you have to wait for few days. You can add only one image at a moment. It supports most of the formats like JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. It does not support GIF Format images.

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This feature will let all the Facebook Users to comment by adding images to the comment box. This feature has been almost updated in webs, but this feature is yet to available for Facebook Pages and Events. However the mobile application of Facebook will get this functionality after a few days, Facebook’s web version of mobile comes with this functionality. In mobile web version the camera button will be available on the left hand side.

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