Stressed of Being Ditched? Get connected with I’m Ditched!


“Ditching is Bitching” – Pardon me for being Harsh. But that’s what every Ditched person feels like when they are being Scrap, Avoided, Being Ditched or Thrown away by their Loved One’s a times. Being ditched is something which we could never tolerate in every stage of our life. When it happens, many tend to lose their hope on Life or with the person who Ditched them. There are many ways a person is being ditched, especially they tend to feel it to be extreme when their loved ones (Friend’s, Family, their Long Term lover or Organization – colleagues, Managers, Bosses, etc) Ditch them.

It even happens in Organization where people Insult their sub-ordinates in front of everyone and show their personal frustrations on their Junior Employees. Some Crack a very nasty jokes on their Employees/ colleagues which leads to misconception and anger within them. But you couldn’t do anything over the person because he is senior authorized to you on the organization. Taking any action against him may lead you “Pack up your Office Desk Home (Getting Sacked)”.  As you cannot directly do any harm or Take Action against the person, then all those Emotions, Frustrations and anger that bring out the Real Person in you. The next thing majority of people think of doing after being ditched, Is to take revenge on those involved in a Physical way. Always remember “A Law Suit is always Against, Any kind of Crime involved”. Well “It’s Never ‘Right’ to be ‘Wrong’ ”. There is always a way to brace those involved, and we will let you know the effective way.

Stressed of Being Ditched? Get connected with I’m Ditched!

Stressed of Being Ditched?  You couldn’t handle Failure anymore? Are your frustrations getting high? Then Pour them out and brace those involved Anonymously on “IM Ditched”. 

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IM Ditched ( is an Upcoming Giant Network for all those “Ditched People”, who would want to publish their Failures, Frustrations, Pent-up Feelings and those Abandon happenings that kills within them in an Anonymous Way to the World. IM Ditched gives an opportunity to share the “Ditched Story” in your life which you couldn’t remove off your Heart. Confess your story, your pain with the large Network of people. “Confession is never a Crime”, so do it immediately on IM Ditched and get relived.

The Idea of IM Ditched has been conceptualized and brought into Live by a Group of Enthusiastic Students. Who other than Student’s would know what Ditching means? They have been the Spectators and the Real Life evolutioners of all these experiences.

IM Ditched allows you to come up with all your “Ditched Stories” anonymously. And Guess what you are not left alone there; Experts are readily available to encourage you and give you Excellent Solutions that is recommended to be followed. For now the site is Under Construction as lots of Enhancements are being rolled up so the users can get their best out of the service. The Service will be launched shortly. Get to their Service podium and place a seat, so you will be notified first on their launch.

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