Best Android Games in HD for your Android Devices

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“Games”? Who doesn’t love playing them? Right from childhood we have always been in relation with them and love them the most. Even though people seem to grow old, there’s always a hidden game lover within them.  Now games have been mapped to the Real World, providing the Best “Real Time gaming experience.” Not only are those, the HD Game effects are now being delivered right on to your Android Devices. Yes, now you can experience the Android Games in Full HD effect right from your Android Devices.

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Android Games are getting countless, regardless of its availability in the Google Play. Each an everyday a “Rookie Game Developer” releases a Game on the Google Play Store. There are Millions of Games that are downloaded from the Play Store. Among those millions, today we enlighten you with the small list of the “Best Android Games in HD for your Android Devices”.

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List of Best Android Games in HD for your Android Devices:

  • 9mm:

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Become John “Loose” Kannon, a Hardened COP who cleans up the Street by taking the Law in your own hands on 9MM. 9mm is an Stylish and Excellent Third Person shooter game specially made for your Android Game Lovers and designed for Android Devices. The Game takes you to the totally “3D Splintered Environment” where you get to perform Stunts in HD with Slow Motion. And the Sound Tracks within the game play are bringing you to Life with their hip-hops and raps. The game keeps you going through 4 Maps and gets you involved in Fighting Crime. Don’t miss this game, as it will surely make your day. And you ll never regret of downloading the 9mm game developed by Gameloft.

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Download 9mm

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  • Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is the best FPS series that has come with the highest intensity and apocalyptic style battles. It is considered to be the best HD Android game with a Realistic, Robust and Action packed combination of Graphics. You role as the Hero of the Solo campaign of 13 Missions starting from Los Angeles to Pakistan. When you Escort, Deploy and chase you get the real Heroic feel. The SFX and the voice will get you into an apocalyptic situation, battling with 12 players and 6 different maps with unique Modes when you are Multiplayer. Try Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation on your android device.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation,

Download Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

  • Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit

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Need For Speed is an EPIC Game. We surely would have tried playing Car Game when we purchase our PC, and the first among those would be Need For Speed. EA Games have come all the way around; they enhance and enlighten the Car Game Lovers with different versions of Need For Speed. I have always loved playing all the series of NFS right from childhood. Now the Game has come to the next level of racing experience. Outrun the law of Racing with Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit. The cops come chasing you on Lamborghini Reventon, making your Race go vile with roadblocks and Spikes. You get to fry and drive them on various career events and Pursuit Races. Fuel your Cars, Unlock them and try the Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit on your Android Device.

Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit,Need for Speed Hot Pursuit,Need for Speed

Download Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit

  • The Amazing Spiderman

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Now it’s your time to become “Spidey” – The Amazing Spider-Man by Crawling & Slinging into Web’s.  The Amazing Spider-Man is an Super Hero Blockbuster Game developed by Gameloft. It has been designed as an story line, as you face against the lizard and cleanup the ramping gangs. The game has given you full of 3D views and effects whenever you Crawl, Jump or perform an action. The game is loved by most of the users and its graphics has been made unbelievable. As a Super Hero now it’s your time to Free the New York City. It truly is an recommended game, it’s fully filled with 3D effects, VFX and HD clarity. Never miss to try out The Amazing Spiderman for your Android Device.

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Download The Amazing Spiderman

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That’s our small list of “Best Android Games in HD for your Android Devices”. Hope you try all of those and enjoy your time Downloading Android Games in HD which we have listed. Experience the Fun in HD.


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