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The first thing that strikes our mind when we hear Instagram is Photo. Now the things have been changed. Yes, the developers have rolled out a new feature where you can capture Videos and share it on Facebook with your Family and Friends. This feature was announced at the Facebook Event. Instagram was not only just an app to take photos and share. You can also edit the image before sharing. It works the same way in case of Video too.

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Video Sharing On Instagram

Instagram has over 100 million users and it has been a very popular photo sharing app for more than a year ago. Now it has added the feature of recording video and sharing through Facebook. Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram rolled out this new feature at the event. The latest version will make you to record a video up to 15 seconds, give some different tones and hues and share it in the Facebook. There are around 13 filters to make your video look more attractive.

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Using the Video Feature is as same as the how you take snaps.

Step 1  – Just tap on the same camera icon which you use to take images.
Step 2  – After tapping you can notice a new video camera icon.
Step 3  – Press and hold the icon to start recording.
Step 4  – You can record maximum of 15 seconds.
Step 5  – Once finished recording you can choose the different tones and filters to give your video a cinematic view.
Step 6  – Select your favorite scene from video as a cover photo while you share it on the Facebook.

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As of now Instagram Video Sharing will work in the Android 4.1 and above and iOS devices it requires iOS 5.0 and above. Those who have already installed Instagram can just update it through the respective stores.

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