How to Secure WiFi Connection?


When it comes to Wireless Technology, everyone these days has an WiFi Connectivity to connect to their Internet via Laptops or Smart Phones. They either have their WiFi Routers or WiFi Hotspot enabled on their Mobile Devices to connect to their WiFi enabled Devices. The Biggest Question is that; Are we having Secure WiFi Connection? WiFi internet connection is most sensitive thing that we must take care of. When WiFi Connection is enabled it is made available & searchable by all the devices that has WiFi .

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If the connection is not Secured & Password Protected, people who discovers your WiFi connection can easily gain access to it. There are even some Software Tools to Hack your WiFi connection and Hack your WiFi Password, such kind of activities are mostly done by Hackers. They will utilize all your Bandwidth and will do criminal activities which may lead you into some kind of trouble if they use your WiFi connection. That’s the reason why, we must Secure WiFi Connection and today we will enlighten you with “How To Secure WiFi Connection”.        

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How to Secure WiFi Connection:

  • Change the Name (SSID):- SSID is the Name of your Network, by which your Router/Modem is known. If you provide your own name, it is possible for your Neighbors to guess that it’s your network. And they might know something more about you, so chances are that they will get lucky in getting your password by randomly applying the things which they know about you. So its better you have a Unique and Different SSID name so that your neighbors or WiFi discoverers couldn’t recognize whose network it is.
  • Enable Strong Encryption Methods:- WAP and WEP Encryption are no more secure as they can be easily hacked using the software tools. Not only hackers every end user who has the Tool and knows how to use it can easily crack your WiFi Password. The best method to Encrypt and secure your WiFi connection is with WAP2. Ensure that your Modem/Router is WAP2 Encrypted, so that your Wifi passwords cannot be cracked easily.

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  • Create a Strong Password:- Every user does a common mistake in Creating a Password. They either keep their Name, Mobile No, or QWERTY or Common things as Password. This can be easily guessed and can be accessed. It is recommended to First Think of and choose a strong password and then Create it for your WiFi router. So that the Password which you have created and entered is not easily guessable or cannot be cracked easily. Because if you do not go with a strong password, then it’s an Piece of Cake for those can manage to easily crack your WiFi Password.

Tip To Choose Password: Create a password with mixture of Upper Case & Lower Case Characters, Have at least One special character and a number. Make sure your Password Contains with Min of 8 -15 characters.

These are the best ways to secure WiFi connection from Anonymous Activity or getting your WiFi password being hacked. Hope so now you might have come to know How To Secure WiFi Connection. They might be useful to you while setting your New Wifi Modem/Router. Keep these things on your mind and secure your Wifi so you can Experience Safe Browsing.

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