Nokia Brings Software Update for Asha Phones


Now there is a reason to smile for all the Nokia Asha users. Nokia has rolled out a new update for its Asha Phones series. The new update has brought some exciting and enhanced features for the touch screen devices. Now it supports the most popular messaging app WhatsApp for dual SIM Asha phones. Improvements in the social apps, Mail for Exchange including the dedicated YouTube launcher are some of the key feature of the latest update.

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Key Features in Update for Asha Phones

Everyone knows how WhatsApp has become popular among almost in all the platforms. It already supports single SIM Asha phones. Now WhatsApp supports dual SIM Asha phones too. Additionally, Asha 308 users can now get access to eBuddy where users can connect with their friends and families on Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo, MySpace, etc.

Download WhatsApp

Download eBuddy

With the latest update, now it supports Mail for Exchange which was announced in May. With Mail for Exchange users can now sync their emails, contacts, and calendar with the Microsoft Exchange Servers and Microsoft Office 365 Online Mobility. It uses Exchange ActiveSync Protocol of Microsoft for the synchronization between phone and email servers.

Download Mail for Exchange

Along with Mail for Exchange, Nokia also introduced two more apps Editori Text and Editori Sheet for the corporate usage. These apps can be used as replacement for Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel respectively. With these apps installed on Nokia phones, users can create, view and edit their documents anywhere.

Download Editori Text

Download Editori Sheet

The update is available for Asha Phones series like Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306, Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 310. The latest update can be downloaded either through phone with an active data connections or by connecting the phone to PC through Nokia PC Suite Software.

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