Backup your iPhone-iPad Device with iTunes(FREE)

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Expensive gadgets like iPhone and iPad must be the storehouse of some expensive data, which one would not like to use. Not only different apps but things like photos, notes and more. It would cost a lot of damage, if iOS device is lost or face any other sort of loss. SO, the essential step to cut down the loss is to Backup your iPhone /iPad devices.

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iTunes is the world largest way to organize and add to digital media world. When you connect your iPad, iPhone to the computer and touch your backup, certain files are automatically backed up and can be restored when needed. The backup information includes call history, messages etc.

With iPhone and iPad having built-in functions can let you perform backups.

  • iTunes can browse through backup files .
  • View, Edit And Export Files, Call History Viewer, Message viewer and Address book etc.

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iTunes creates backup for your iPhone, iPad on your phone and on your computer. The amount of space allotted to your backup is under one’s own control.Before making a backup of your iPhone using iTunes, it is recommended to check that whether the version of iTunes is updated or not. Once you have the latest version of iTunes installed or updated then you can Backup your iPhone/iPad Device.

Backup your iPhone, itunes backup, techbuzzes,

Steps to Backup your iPhone/iPad Device with iTunes:

By using the iTunes you are able to store backup to your iPhone. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Connect your iPhone via USB cable.
  • Select iTunes application
  • Select backup information, then select “backup to this computer” to perform full backup.

That’s it, now you have successfully backup your iPhone/iPad Device.

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How to Restore iPhone Backup from PC:

  • Having your iPhone connected, select iTune application, and then click on Restore Backup.
  • Select restore from drop-down list to begin restore process, later the device can be restarted.

One definitely does not want to lose any valuable data, it may happen due to carelessness or accident. Later on, the restore becomes the need. It always advisable to have a backup copy with you.

Things that backed up using iTunes:

  • Call history
  • Calendar events and accounts
  • Application settings and contact details
  • Notes, memos, clips from web
  • Wallpapers and camera roll.

Things cannot be backed up using iTunes:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Podcast
  • Apps.

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Conclusion: If one does not have sufficient time to backup, one should backup files that are of utmost importance. Such that you have backup of your data and don’t lose them in any circumstances that are very much important and priceless. Always remember to Backup your iPhone/iPad device.

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