Best 5 Apps for windows 8 to begin 2014


Our life revolves around the internet nowadays, starting from searching a recipe to finding a baby’s name; we depend on our search engine completely. Not only that as long as internet connection is there we know we are safe as we can shop online, send gifts to our near and dear ones and plan a whole outing over the internet. To make it happen you need apps for Windows 8 It is our helping hand and if accidentally the internet connection goes off then we are stranded in the middle of nowhere, we do not know how to manage things! This realization only comes when we are trying to strike a conversation with a stranger face to face, if it were through chat then there were loads of tings to discuss even with the strangers but when in real life we run out of words!

Internet was enough to make life easy for us but with the introduction of various other apps we realized how incomplete our life was without them. There are some apps for the Windows for the year 2014 which will be making a difference in our life. The Best 5 apps for Windows 8 to begin 2014 are –

Apps for windows 8

Best 5 Apps for windows 8 to begin 2014:

  • Allrecipes

Most of us have to stay away from our house due to education or for jobs and in that situation what we miss the most is home cooked food. But now with the Allrecipes app you will have all the mouth watering recipes with what is left over in your refrigerator. You might be thinking how you can create a dish with all the vegetables and meat that is left over! Just type in what is left over and it will give you the recipes that can be cooked with all these available ingredients. Your work becomes much easier now as you just need to choose which one you like and start preparing!

  • Smart Recorder

With the help of this app you can record almost anything you wish to record. It has an in-built microphone which helps you in recording lectures, meetings and shopping list too. This is an amazing tool for Windows as it has editing tools too. It is a good app and one of the Best 5 apps for Windows 8 to begin 2014.

  • Tunein Radio

If you love to listen to radio then Tunein Radio will be your best friends forever as it will provide you the opportunity to listen to the radio from practically every nook and corner of the earth.

  • Architectural Digest

Thinking of remodeling your house then this app might come in handy as it presents to you all these wonderful ideas and articles about interior designing. The app has very simple user interface and is very easy to use. Great scope for interior designers to have the help right in their hand and can be touted as one of the Best 5 apps for Windows 8 to begin 2014.

  • Skype

Staying connected with friends and families have never been so easy. When logging in for the first time it will ask you to provide access to your webcam and also ask you to update the picture. The full screen view is a good way of getting closer to your loved ones. This app is as you know comes free of cost so endless gossip and chat may continue without paying a single penny.

With these apps you can definitely make your life a little better as these are the Best 5 apps for Windows 8 to begin 2014.

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