iPhone 5s v/s Galaxy S4 Review


It makes for a wonderful sight when two giant battles it out to catch the eye of the end users. The users feel the power that they possess at a situation like this and when we are talking about iPhone 5s v/s galaxy s4 then the contest becomes even more interesting. How do you assess which one is better because most of the time it is discovered that if one company has one outstanding feature in one department then the other comes out with a stunning feature in a different department. So, it all depends on what you need from your device and which company is providing you with that and at what price!

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  • Weight and display size

The Apple iPhone comes in Aluminium body whereas Samsung is built of Poly carbonate material so the weight also varies. Samsung weighs around 130 g whereas iPhone weighs only 112 g. The display size of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is 5 inch as compared to that of iPhone 5s which comes around 4 inches.

  • Display Features

The resolution of Samsung Galaxy S4 is 1080 X 1920p wit pixel density of 441 ppi compared to Apple iPhone 5s which has resolution of 640 X 1136p with pixel density of 326 ppi. The Super AMOLED technology is behind Samsung Galaxy S4 and IPS LCD is behind iPhone 5s. The Display feature is something that always clashes between iPhone 5s v/s Galaxy S4.

  • Camera

The rear camera of Samsung Galaxy S4 is 13 MP compared to 8 MP of iPhone 5s. Though both comes with LED flash but the front camera again makes the difference as Galaxy S4 has 2 MP front camera and iPhone has 1.2 MP front camera. An extra feature that iPhone has in this section is that it includes video calling facility which seems missing from Galaxy S4.

  • Storage capability

When it comes to in-built storage capacity both are the same with 16GB but as Galaxy S4 has the micro SD option therefore with external storage it can go up to 64 GB and this is surely missing from iPhone 5s.

  • Battery life

The iPhone 5s have 1440 mAh battery capacity whereas the Samsung Galaxy S4 has 2600 mAh battery capacity. In the battery section iPhone 5s v/s galaxy s4 has a clear winner in Samsung Galaxy S4 as it also provides 17 hours of talktime compare to only 8 hours of talktime provided by iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s v/s galaxy s4

  • If you like big screen and love customizing then Samsung phone will be the perfect choice for you
  • If you are in love with the best quality apps along with accessories then iPhone will automatically be your preference
  • Android phones are amazingly flexible and provides high speed to their users so in iPhone 5s v/s galaxy s4, Samsung device will score more brownie points
  • iTunes, iOS App Store or the apple stores are enticing then you will have to select the iPhone over Samsung device.

Depending on your preference you can choose any one you like but when we go by the specifications in iPhone 5s v/s galaxy s4, Samsung Galaxy S4 surely has much to offer. But some people love the brand Apple so they want to possess one and it is entirely a personal choice.

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