[How-To] Send video or Audio files greater Than 16mb on WhatsApp

Send video or Audio files, Whatsapp Send video or Audio files, Whatsapp FIle share, techbuzzes

We all love to chat on WhatsApp day in and day out and share images with our friends but sometimes we find it hard to send video or audio files which are more than 16MB on WhatsApp. The video shots of some friend’s birthday party or a social event which your friend missed out and you want to share with them so that they can see all the fun you had! But the videos size makes it almost impossible for you to share. Since we are in the age of smartphones therefore it is natural that there will be a way out to this problem also. We have looked into the file size of some HD video of 30-40 seconds duration and it comes around 18-20 MB. The problem is that whenever you will try to share this video on WhatsApp it wouldn’t allow you to do that instead will show you a message that file is more than 16MB. So you will be unable to send video or Audio files greater than 16mb. It is annoying but it just won’t allow it so what you can try is send those files by reducing the size.

well for those annoying situations, we have come with a list of solutions so you can now be able to Send video or Audio files greater than 16mb on Whatsapp. Just go on reading and explore the solution.

Send video or Audio files, Whatsapp Send video or Audio files, Whatsapp FIle share, techbuzzes

[How-To] Send video or Audio files greater Than 16mb on Whatsapp

Reducing size in order to get pass through WhatsApp

You will get multiple apps in Google Play store which will help you reduce the file size of your video. Though you will be getting numerous apps, but there is a possibility that all might not fulfill your requirement so you and give all the free apps a try before zeroing in to one. You can give WhatsApp Video Editor a try as it is tailor made for WhatsApp and will satisfy all your requirements too.

WhatsApp Video Editor

If you are wondering how it does the trick of reducing the file size then it is simple. What it does is that if you want to send a file which is about 50 seconds long and the size is 30 MB then the WhatsApp video editor will divide it into 25 MB and 25 seconds file so that it goes through WhatsApp without any difficulty.

Installing WhatsApp Video Editor App on your device:

If you want this WhatsApp video Editor in your device then you have to first enable Unknown source option. In order to enable the Unknown sources you will have to –

  • Go to settings
  • Then you need to go to security
  • There you will find the Unknown Sources which you will have to enable

Once you have enabled the Unknown sources you will be able to download the WhatsApp Video Editor on your Android device and start sharing large volume of file size without any hitches.

This app came as a life savior for the Android users as it enables them to share big files which are important. WhatsApp has become an important platform for sharing and receiving important files. This app has made the life of WhatsApp users easier as they are now not getting any more messages like file size more than 16 MB so unable to send the file. Well, as now you got a brilliant idea on How To Send video or Audio files greater Than 16mb on WhatsApp.

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