Top 7 PDF Tools to Unlock PDF Files

Unlock PDF Files

Having PDF files is important for keeping data and information secure from unauthorized persons. However, the same password that secures the data can turn out to be a headache if the owner happens to forget it. For individuals faced with such a condition, where the password for PDF file is forgotten, it is important to understand how one can unlock PDF files to gain access to the needed files. The protection is basically meant to restrict others from opening or accessing the files.

PDF files are protected with two types of passwords; owner password and user password. Documents that are protected by owner password require the user to enter the authenticated password to view the file. On the other hand, the user password does not require any password for viewing the PDF files. One can set a desired security features in the PDF document to protect them from viewing, editing, copying, or even printing. Unlocking a PDF is not hard since there are numerous tools used to unlock these files.

7 PDF tools to unlock PDF files easily:

  • PDF unlock tool by Estelar

The process of unlocking PDF files has never been so easy and convenient than with Estelar PDF unlock tool. This tool unlocks a PDF file and allows individuals to copy, print, edit, and extract data from the locked PDF file by removing the owner password. Locked file can be annoying as one cannot use the data as needed. However, with Estelar PDF unlock tool one can bypass PDF owner password protection and gain access to the PDF file. What this tool does is that it creates another copy of the PDF file that is not restricted at all. This tool is convenient since it is desktop software that requires no internet access. It keeps the original formatting and structure of the PDF file intact.

  • Aimersoft PDF password remover online

Unlock PDF Files

This tool is the best to crack PDF password online for 100% free. It can easily be used to decrypt any owner password that is protected by PDF file with just a single click. After one unlocks the file, he/she will be able to print, edit. Copy, select, and perform more tasks. The decrypted file can be opened in all PDF viewers without any restrictions.

  • PDF crack

Unlock PDF Files

This PDF unlocking tool is a free password recovery that is available. If one is after an actual password, and not just a simple reset or PDF unlock, PDF crack would be the best. Not only is it capable of unlocking PDF files but it is also capable of recovering original password from encrypted PDF’s.

  • PDF unlocker

This is a windows installable program that helps in finding owner password of a PDF file. This tool works much like PDF crack but it is a native windows application, making it easier to be used. PDF unlocker is a password recovery program since it discovers actual owner password from an encrypted PDF. The tool uses a brute-force password recovery method.

  • GUA PDF Demo

Also referred to as guaranteed PDF Decrypter, it is a combination PDF unlock tool. It is an easy to use tool that does not even calL for installation. GUA PDF unlock tool is primarily a PDF password remover tool for the owner password but can also be used as a password recovery tool. With this tool, one does not have to worry about the locked PDF files.

  • PDF Mate free PDF merger

This is a perfect tool to unlock PDF files. It aids to decrypt any PDF for more usage such as merging multiple files, splitting and extracting PDF pages, and many more. Even though it is a PDF unlocker, it has more uses. This is because it is a multifunctional tool that combines PDF decrypter, PDF merger, image to PDF converter, PDF splitter, PDF encrypter and more. One can use this tool to decrypt the original password and then add a personal encryption for output files such as editing, password opening, reading, and even printing.

  • Unrestrict PDF

This is a supreme solution for unlocking PDF files as it helps users bypass PDF password protection to enhance PDF rights of copy, edit, modify, and even printing. This tool is proven to be convenient offline/desktop software that do not need internet to unlock PDF files.

PDF has become a de-facto standard document. On can still be right to say it is a portable format. Even though these files are published with owner password to restrict unauthorized users from accessing the information, it can create problems if the owner needs to use the content yet he cannot remember the password. With the above information on how to unlock PDF Files easily, one can try out numerous PDF unlock tools to gain access to their PDF files and be able to copy, print, scan, edit, and extract images and contents. These tools are very important and everyone should make good use of them.



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