WordPress vs. Joomla

WordPress vs. Joomla, Wordpress TechBuzzes, Joomla TechBuzzes

These two CMS giants can make or break your website and both seem to possess a wide variety of excellent features as well as be extremely user friendly.  For the most part, the choice between which CMS to use are a personal preference as well as comfort.

Users of WordPress can immediately see the value in its use.  With easy to understand instructions, obvious titles, a wide range of formats to choose from, and a ton of user friendly features, web designers are able to have their websites up and running in just a few minutes rather than many hours.

WordPress vs. Joomla, WordPress TechBuzzes, Joomla TechBuzzes

Most of the same can be said of Joomla.  It is also very user friendly and possesses a wide range of formats for websites, however on of the major drawbacks is the lack of obvious titles.  The learning curve for the average users is much greater with Joomla than with WordPress and has many users abandoning Joomla before they even learn the jargon.

Another difference is their lifespan.  WordPress has been around for a couple more years than Joomla, allowing for a greater quantity of loyal users.  As with anything, once a person finds a product that works for them and they can use comfortably it’s really hard to get them to abandon it.  For this reason, Joomla is so far a bit behind WordPress in its internet use, although Joomla does seem to be making a push with a range of updates to compete and be even more user friendly.

WordPress, while more popular, is a much more friendly system for blogging and websites which need to make regular posts and deliver a message.  On the other hand, Joomla has a much more static use for advanced users who need the ability to utilize a website for major business use.

When it comes to themes and templates, Joomla wins out hands down.  While WordPress does have a wide variety of great themes, if a website needs versatility and functionality they won’t find as much on WordPress.  The themes WordPress has to offer generally serve only one purpose, which doesn’t allow for very many variations at all.

On the other hand, the premium templates offered by Joomla already are full of all desired functions and just need to be activated or installed.  Because of the variation and flexibility, the Joomla templates are ready for any web designer or novice to create and develop their own site and build the functionality they desire.

Another part of the difference is the ability to choose a different theme for different pages of a website.  With WordPress, once a theme is installed, that’s what the site is stuck with for each and every page.  With Joomla, multiple themes and templates can be installed to give a viewer different page looks as they browse through the site.

Both WordPress and Joomla bring a wide range of fantastic features to the CMS world to assist anyone from the novice to the seasoned web designer with design and function of their websites.  The preference between the two is mostly of a comfort and personal nature as well as a desire of function. To learn more on

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