Top Battery Saver Apps for Windows Phone


No matter how good your phone battery is, but when you start using the apps on a regular basis and play games non- stop your battery will definitely take a beating. Smartphones are good because you get to use so many apps and games, but the battery gets drained out very easily when you are using your data connection because there are several apps that runs in the background using your data package and using your battery life as well. Though it is a serious problem, but there are several apps that will help you in saving your battery as well. Now that you are tired of your battery going down every now and then, here is how you can manage your battery life with “Top Battery Saver Apps for Windows Phone”.

Top battery saver apps for your Windows phone

You can make use of these apps in order to save your battery even when you use them extensively. Some apps present in here enhances your phone usage altogether, so it is a very helpful utility tool. There are several battery saver apps that are free of cost and then there are some which are paid apps. So, depending on your preference, you can either go for the paid apps or the free apps. You can either use them for power users or you can use them in order to save battery. Till date you have opted out of the apps that used to run in the background, so that you can save the battery, but now there is no need to do that as you will be able to run all the apps without any problem. Here is a list of the apps that will help you in saving battery –

List of Top Battery Saver Apps for Windows Phone

  • BBQ games battery saver – With the help of this you will be able to save the battery life of your smartphone quite easily. It comes with battery saving tips and will notify you when you need to change the settings as per the condition of the battery. It is a paid app.
  • Battery Pro+ – You can use this to manage your battery and the best part is that it comes free of cost. In here you will be able to control the battery usage completely and this app is prepared for your Nokia. In here you will be able to tell you the battery usage range and the time to put it back on charge. There are several other activities that you can perform with the help of this app.
  • Lumia battery saver and booster 8.0 – This app is specially made for Lumia but that doesn’t mean that it will not work for other devices. Optimization of the app is the main aim of the app and it is done by restricting the background services.
  • Fady battery saver – It improves the performance of the system automatically, thus saving the battery life. It monitors the apps and prompts to close the particular app which is consuming the battery life the most.
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