How to block WhatsApp blue colored double tick marks?

whatsapp blue

WhatsApp, the most popular messenger apps in the world has been introducing some features every now and then in order to enhance the user experience better from before. We all have seen small ticks at the bottom of each message when you are sending it. The tick mark double up when the message is delivered, but now when the message is read you will see that the same tick mark in turning blue. So, this way you get to know that your message has been read by the recipient. This feature might be liked by many, but then are some who would love to keep that hidden from the sender. Therefore, all you people who want to get rid of this feature can easily block the WhatsApp blue colored tick marks and do away with this new feature that has been added with the latest update made to WhatsApp. But, when it was rolled out in the first place, there was no option of blocking it and now that the option is there, users are making the most out of it.

whatsapp blue

Talk of the town

This small update has drawn in speculation from every sector and many users find it as an intrusion in their privacy because now they won’t be able to hide the fact that they have read the message. It is not a good idea to display the blue tick mark, if you are trying to avoid an appointment that has been set. It will tell the sender that you have seen the message, but is not replying, which is pretty rude. But, all this will be fun, if you have the choice of selecting whether you want to let others know when you have read the message. So, all these controversies will be out to an end by an app, which is in beta version. This app will allow you to turn off the blue tick mark whenever you want or you can simply make use of the settings in WhatsApp.

How to Block WhatsApp blue colored double tick marks?

So, if you want to get rid of the blue tick marks, then you will also have to do away with the read receipts as well. That means you won’t be able to see when your friends and families have read your message if you do not permit them to view when you have read their message. As of now, this is the only possible thing for the users, but in future something might change for better. Now, the procedure to turn it off –

  • Navigate to Settings menu and there you will have to enable ‘Download from Unknown sources’ that is there in the security tab
  • Now visit the website of WhatsApp and from there you can download the APK file that is available out there
  • After downloading the file, you can go ahead and install it by tapping on the option ‘Install’
  • Now that you are done with the updating of WhatsApp, you can navigate to settings, where you will find account and in there click on Privacy option
  • Read Receipts is there, which you have to uncheck in order to turn off the blue tick mark


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