How to create Apple ID without credit card


In order to get started with the downloading of free apps or the music from the App Store or the iTunes, you need an Apple ID. But most people think that if you want to get an Apple ID, then you will have to do that with the help of a credit card, but that is not the case. In fact, you can get the Apple account without taking out your credit card, by following our simple guide on “How to create Apple ID without credit card“. If you want to get yourself a new Apple account, then you will have to create a whole new Apple ID with the help of iTunes or you can also make use of your iDevice as well.

Prerequisite on How to create Apple ID without credit card)

If you want to access any Apple services, then you will need to have an Apple account to your name. This account will come in handy, if you want to download apps from the Apps Store or purchasing music from iTunes and even if you want to make use of iCloud, then also you will have to create an Apple ID if you don’t possess one already. Few years back, it was mandatory to use the credit cards in order to get an Apple account of your own, but not anymore. These days you can create an Apple ID without the help of credit cards. Now you can create your account for free of cost, but one thing that you must remember is that you won’t be able to purchase apps and music because you don’t have the credit card information tagged in to accomplish the task of purchasing successfully. But, if you like some apps, which are free of cost, you can download it right away without any problem.

Step by Step  on How to create Apple ID without credit card

So, if you want to make use of the apps that comes for free in Apps Stores, then you can follow the procedures mentioned below and you will be good to go.

  • Visit the app store and pick up one free app
  • Tap on ‘free’ button and you will get the Install button
  • Tap on it and downloading will initiate and then you will be asked whether you want to continue with the existing account or you want to create a new one
  • Select the option, which says Create New Apple ID
  • First option will be that of country or region, once selected tap on Next button
  • Now tap on agree button twice
  • Type in all the required data and tap on Next, once you are done and here you will have to use a new email address, not the registered one
  • Select the billing option as None and then enter the billing address
  • Verify the link that will be send to your email account by Apple and now you can log in via your new emails address as well as password
  • Now go back to the Apps store and enjoy downloading the free apps with the help of your new account
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