How To Send Music Files on Whatsapp iPhone ?

Send Music Files on Whatsapp iPhone , techbuzzes

Today it is, pretty much effortless to maintain steady contact. Whatsapp has emerged  one of the popular free messengers, operating for past 2 years. All you need internet connection to benefit from this app.  Nearly all types of OS platform comes with whatsapp compatibility, OS platforms practically include iOS, blackberry Smartphones and Android. Android OS is powered by Google and is largely an open source. Today all those technically proficient App developers are wielding good control over android OS. Now it is Google’s strong point that it takes good care of their users and developers alike and no doubt Android developers  enjoy better freedom and independence more than iOS developers.

While talking about whataspp messenger, today whatsapp messenger is having better range  of features than for iOS. Besides bluestack permits Mac and Windows users to benefit from Android apps on their computers but unfortunately there is no such emulator is available in the market for iOS.

Send Music Files on Whatsapp iPhone , techbuzzes

When you are having whatsapp on iPhone, you might have observed that your whatsapp options is not having sharing music files options. Sharing MP3 files from music library is not accessible on iPhone. so today iPhone users are practically searching way for music sharing.

Although few will suggest for jail breaking the iPhone, others will solicit cloud sync app (like Google Drive) where your computer will be involved to access the music files and then opening them accessing the WhatsApp messenger. However if you are demanding for something different and looking for something feasible, well here is a solution. Using this technique you can actually share your favourite music files. You never have to resort to any unnecessary upload and download nor you have to turn to any jail break.

Procedure to Send Music Files on Whatsapp iPhone:

  1. At first Download from  Google App Store the  iTransfer  option.
  2. Then run iTransfer and select Music Library from the opening screen.
  3. Look though the music files you want to share from the All Songs library.
  4. Now hit on the Select button in the top-right side to facilitate selection mode.
  5. Choose the songs you wish to send using WhatsApp, and hit Open In option at the bottom-right bend of the screen.

Thus you can send your Music Files

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