10 Best iOS Apps of 2016


Apple’s app store offers one of the largest stores with the most extensive collection of apps. Following are the 10 Best iOS Apps of 2016:

  1. Wild Weather

Wild Weather is a fantastic weather app which offers hand drawn portraits according to the time of the year, your location the weather and the time of the day. It is available for 1.49 GBP. It also offers 24 hour outlook, five day forecast and even the ability to add multiple locations.

  1. Google Duo

Google Duo is Google’s brand new video calling app. It is available for free. The app is supposed to rival FaceTime and has already beaten it in a lot of ways. The main positive about it is both Android and iOS users can download it unlike FaceTime.

  1. Deliveroo

If you love ordering from restaurants but don’t lie to go out then Deliveroo is your app. It will allow you to order from any restaurant around you and will send a bike messenger to get it for you. It is available for free.

  1. Apple TV Remote

The users have been waiting for it since a long time. It has a brand new interface and includes all the navigations and interactions through Siri. It is available for free.

  1. My Reasons

My Reasons is a brilliant app if you are looking for help in achieving your goals. It will help you get through and remind you why you started down a particular path. It is available for 1.49 GBP.

  1. BBC+

BBC+ is made to put the best of apps such as iPlayer, sport, weather, news and it will provide you only the things you are interested in. it is available for free.

  1. Batman: Arkham Underworld

This is a world builder/RPG take on the popular Batman: Arkham series. It has a twist as you are not the Batman but the criminals as scarecrow, riddler etc. and try to build your evil empire and crush Batman. It is available for free.

  1. Pokemon Go

Find, catch, and watch them evolve, turn your world into the Pokemon world and go exploring battling through your journey for becoming the ultimate Pokemon Master. It is available for free.

  1. Memrise

There is no better app than Memrise for learning a new language. It has over 100 languages and will go at a pace suitable to you. It is available for free.

10. Bumble

An app made by a former Tinder executive, has almost the same functionality but has a twist that the female can only start a conversation which eliminates the “sup babe” guys. It is available for free.

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