How to Hide Photos on Android

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You store a lot of data on your android phones includes private data as well, some of which you would like to keep hidden and do not want anyone to sneak in.Photos are the most important thing that anyone would like to keep private or hidden.

Thankfully, there a lot of ways through which you can hide photos on your android phone. Here we are discussing a few of them.

1. Using built-in tools of android:

Android has recently started including a built-in feature of hiding photos, which provides better protection and are much easier to use. Different brands of mobiles have different settings and steps to be followed. Samsung by far has the best built-in tool for hiding personal photos.

2. Creating hidden folders:

This is another method where you can put all your personal photos together in a folder and hide it. Android comes with the ability to hide folders but you may require thehelp of some apps which can be downloaded from the playstore.

  • Download any app that supports hiding folders
  • Open it and tap on “+”
  • You will see all your folders
  • Select all the photos that you want to hide
  • Click on Add and create a new folder
  • Add “.” before the name of the folder
  • The folder will be marked as hidden

You can also use your PC and do the same by mounting your SD card.

This folder will no longer be available in the gallery of your device. You can access this folder only from the file manager by selecting “Show hidden files” in the display settings menu.

3. Using apps that hide and lock your photos:

There a lot of apps on the playstore that can hide and lock your personal photos and various other data as well.

  • Download any app that hides photos
  • Open it and it will redirect to your photos gallery
  • Press and hold all the photos you want to hide and select them


  • Go to your android gallery
  • Select the photos you want to hide
  • Press the share button and send them to the app

Most of these apps are free. Unlimited photos can be hidden in these apps and the app can be password protected.

These are few of the methods that can be used to hide your personal photos. Use any of the above methods and put your mind at ease while you lend your phone to anyone.

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