5 Best App Lock Applications for Android

App Lock Applications for Android, techbuzzes

What makes Android the most popular mobile operating system out there is indeed the level of user friendly customization and optimization features that it provides. There are a lot of official as well as third party applications available in the Google Play Store, which allows Android users customize the functionality and features of their Android device to a very great extend. One such useful feature that is very prominent on Android is the ability to protect each individual application on your Android device with a passcode or pattern lock. Today we will see top 5 best App Lock Applications for Android.

This is a very useful feature in case you have to protect sensitive or official information or applications from others who may use your Smartphone such as your family, friends or even your kids.

If you are in search of the best app lock application available for Android, then here are some of our best picks for best app lock applications for Android.

Top 5 Best Free App Lock Applications for Android (Free):

Below are some of the best yet free app lock applications for Android that are currently available in the Google Play Store for free.

  • App Lock:

App Lock is one of the most famous app lock application for Android. Pretty much as the name suggests, the application is quite straight forward in what it does. The application lets you lock individual stock or third party applications installed on your Android device without any hassles.

AppLock, App Lock Applications for Android, techbuzzes

The app has crossed a 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store, and currently supports about 24 languages for user convenience. All of these features combined makes the App Lock one of the best application locking client for Android.

Download App Lock application

  • Apps Locker Master:

App Locker Master is an Android application with a very clean and easy to use interface, which helps you in protecting your applications much easily. The application also comes with a lot of handy features, one of them the ability to use either password or pattern protection for the applications. The application also lets you unlock the device in both landscape as well as portrait mode.

Apps-Locker-Master,App Lock Applications for Android, techbuzzes

Download Apps Locker Master

  • Perfect App Lock:

Yet another awesome third party app lock client available in the Google Play Store that lets you lock your application perfectly without much of a headache. There are different types of app protection that includes password protection, fake fingerprint scanner protection and a fake error pop up protection.

Perfect-App-Lock,App Lock Applications for Android, techbuzzes

Download Perfect App Lock application

  • ES App Locker:

From the house of ES File Explorer, one of the best and commonly used file explorer application for Android, comes the ES App Locker application. The ES App Locker is a App Lock Applications for Android very easy to use application to lock applications installed on your Android device, and one of the best part of this application is that it does not consume much of the storage space on your Android device. This application also provides users the option to lock the application stored on their device either by using a password or a pattern.

App Lock Applications for Android, techbuzzes

Download ES App Locker Android application

  • Apps Lock and Gallery Hider:

The Apps Lock and Gallery Hider application is a very feature rich application for Android. Two of the most basic features of the application being app locking and it also hides the visibility of the photo gallery on your device. Both of the features work quite smoothly in this application.

App Lock Applications for Android, techbuzzes

To give its users with more intuitive security options, there are 3 different sections, namely Smart, Security and Hi-Tech, where you will be able to customize the level of security of your Android device.

Download the apps lock and gallery hider application

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