Best Android Phones June 2017

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Now the Android phone comes with excellent and advanced features like operating system, storage capacity, battery life and more. These advanced android phones do the equal functions like laptop or computer. It offers a lot of options and facility for the users to buy the new Android phones. As a competitor of Android phones, Apple Company releases few new iPhone models to the market with improved features top overcome the Android phones. We have listed few Best Android Phones June 2017.

List of Best Android Phones June 2017

Google Pixel XL

This is developed by Google to compete with all leading Smartphone companies. The Google Pixel XL Smartphone Designed with excellent display and camera clarity. It offers 2k display system makes the users happy to view the visuals. This phone developed to compete with phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and iphone7.  The Google Pixel has the following features like 5.5-inch display, 4GB storage, 3450 mAh battery backup, and 7.1 Android operating system.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This is one of the latest and updated Smartphone right now. It has a 10nm process, high-quality camera options and more. It equally competes with Google pixel XL. Now users are started to buying it for its updated version of the previous S7 model.

OnePlus 3T

It’s another top listed latest Smartphone with great performance. The device designed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC. OnePlus 3T also has a 16MP camera, battery backup for the whole day, etc.

Moto Z

Moto Z is named as one of the smart, innovative android phones till now from its launch. The user feels extremely good when using the Moto Z with the quality of updates in the smart phone system. This phone iOS treated superior to the Samsung and LG Smartphone’s.

Xiaomi Mi 5

The Xiaomi is updated from Mi 4 to Mi 5 which has been updated after two years of waiting for the users. The outlook of this phones makes it smart and Good price tag. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC designs used in the device. Available with a 16MP camera and 3000mah battery backup.

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