How To Optimize Your Android For Better Performance

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Your android device is your handy computer. You can do almost everything on it which you usually do on computers. On your android device, you can store and play music, you can store files and data. You can make online payments and sometimes even more you can do on a computer. When it comes to dependability. You can find yourself dependent on your Android device for many things. so, it becomes necessary to optimize your android device for better performance. In this article, we will give you some easy tips to optimize your android device.

  1. Keep your operating system updated:

Time to time you keep getting FOTA update (Firmware over the air update) for your device. These devices are meant to update your device to a newer version on android in which new features are added and bugs are removed. It is not always necessary that changes in the update are visible sometimes developers release a newer version which is comparatively secure and having smaller size in comparison of previous version.

  1. Keep your battery tuned:

Battery plays an important part in the functioning of your device because without battery it will not be possible even to make a call. You should keep that in mid that you do not over charge your device and turn on low power mode when the battery is less than 20%. Low power mode is not available in all the devices so you should manually save the battery by lowering the brightness and closing the un used applications running in background. Also, there are lots of battery saver applications available on the Play store you can get one as per your choice.

  1. Focus on the security of your device:

Securing your device helps to boost performance of your android device because if your device will not be secure many suspicious activities will run in the background. As a first step to secure your device you should block the installation of the applications from unknown sources. You can do this by going to the security settings of your device by disabling installation from unknown sources. Secondly you should use the default security such as screen lock and privacy settings. If your device will be free from malware it will perform better.

  1. Remove cashed data:

Cashed data is a junk of temporary files which gets accumulated on your device with the time they are of no use and if you will clear them there will be no harm to your system. You can clear cache from your android device by going to Settings>Storage>Clear cache data. If you are using the device from a long time, then you will be surprised to see that there will be 100s of MB of cache data.

  1. Manage storage by clearing duplicates:

Even if you have purchased the best memory for your device or the device with the highest internal memory. After a period of time you require more storage capacity. Even after deleting large files you will find that memory is still occupied. Duplicate files on your device are behind this mystery. When you share, or receive same file over the online messengers its one of its copy is keep saving to your device every time. Sometimes you download a file and copy it to the music folder but the original copy still remains in downloads. With all this there are so many other reasons because of which your device may have duplicates. To delete duplicate files taking help of a third-party software is comparatively a better way.

So, by using these methods you can optimize your Android for better performance. These small tips will help you to get the best user experience from your android device.

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