Top 10 Best Power Bank for Mobile in India June 2017

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Power bank for mobile phones is essential for advanced gadgets like smartphones, iPhone, iPod and more. Usually, the mobile phones come up with high quality with long standby time, but when we start to use the mobile phone’s battery will get dry quickly.  So we need an external battery source to manage the power problems in mobile phones. These power banks will help during long traveling, power shutdown time. Here we have listed top 10 best power banks for mobile phones in India.

List of Top 10 Best Power Bank for Mobile in India June 2017:

  • Ambrane P-1122

Ambrane P-1122 is unique in look and comes with 10000mAh. This power bank has two mixed colors white and blue. It can be suitable for all latest mobiles in the market. Less weight with 300gms, easy to carry anywhere. Available for Rs.1799/-.

  • Lenovo PA 10400

Lenovo PA 10400 has large battery capacity compare with other power banks. Easy to charge and has lithium battery cells can be charged for more than 500 times. It is available with 340gms weight. It will come up with white and brown color, accessible for mobile phones.

  • Ambrane P-1310

Ambrane P-1310 power bank high quality and provides long battery backup for mobile devices. Made up of lithium ion battery cells. It comes with 13000mAh used for all the devices with 308gms of weight.

  • Ambrane P-2080

Ambrane P-2080 has the capabilities of 16000mAh with lithium ion battery. It can be connected with the micro connector. Applicable for all major mobile phones and comes with white color. This power bank available with 310gms weight.

  • Intex IT-PB11K

This power bank available with powerful lithium ion battery of 11000mAh. Very less in weight 280gms. Can be taken anywhere because of its compatibility in size. You can get this power bank in white color.

  • Syska Power Boost

Syska power boost starting from 100-10000mAh. It will be available in the market with white color and made of lithium-ion battery cells. You can use this with the micro connector as well and connected with any mobile phones for better battery backup. It is small with 285gms of weight.

  • Intex IT-PB15k

Intex IT-PB15K power bank has increased lifetime than other power banks. It has the features of built-in battery, can be supported for all mobile phones. Most attractive look and simple in size with 338gms of weight and easy to carry along with your mobile for battery backup. It can handle up to 15000mAh.

  • Lenovo PA13000

You can use this power booster for any mobile devices. It can carry up to 13000mAh battery charge and make of lithium ion cells. Simple in design and available with white color. Can carry easily anywhere because of fewer weight 399gms.

  • Romoss MUI-PB52

You can buy this power bank for your mobile device from Rs.818. It can be capable of 10000mAh battery capacity. It’s designed with smart functionality and can be carried anywhere, easy to handle available with white color. Weights up to 350gms.

  • PNY BE-740

It was manufactured with 3.7-volt lithium ion battery cells. Capable of handling the power capacity of 10400mAh. Battery level indicator also attached to show the level during the consumption. Used for all mobile devices and small device with 236gms.

Final words

We can’t manage battery failures while using the mobile phones without power boosters. They offer 3-4 times better power backup capacity and provide a long time for running your device. So it’s advisable to everyone to have a simple battery backup to avoid such incidents to take part in your life. Why wait, buy any of the Top 10 Best Power Bank for Mobile.

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