9 Best Educational Apps for Android

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With Google being the ultimate destination for all your queries nowadays, it becomes really heartbreaking if the thirst of curiosity is not ended soon. There are many educational apps which are really helpful in giving the exact and needful description of your question. They give you provision of numerous full-fledged courses at your fingertips for Android users. So here is a list of the famous best educational apps for android:

List of 9 Best Educational Apps for Android:


coursera, techbuzzes.com, techbuzzes, Educational AppsCoursera is a very famous website having an app for Android users too. It has a wide range of courses available like Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Math, Logic & Language learning etc. for all who subscribes. The class hours are flexible and require a small payment for the subscriptions with 7 days free trial. It has around 120 partners worldwide. It also awards you with a certificate at the end of the course.


udemy, techbuzzes.com, techbuzzes, Educational AppsUdemy is famous for skill-development focusing over 1200 courses. They provide you with free sessions to help you decide for subscriptions. They provide you in app purchases and frees you from providing any information about your cards. It also gives you ‘Audio Only’ facility.


Khan, techbuzzes.com, techbuzzes, Educational AppsKhan Academy is known to be tidy as it provides you with the necessary stuff. It provides a large number of videos organized in an orderly fashion from beginners till experts. They provide you free online courses. You can also bookmark your topics while reading.


TED, techbuzzes.com, techbuzzes, Educational AppsTed is very famous for providing counseling as well as educational videos. They bring about the best motivators around the globe and put their videos up on their website and YouTube too. You can also bookmark your topic for later. This is a great app.


Linkedln, techbuzzes.com, techbuzzes, Educational AppsLinkedIn is very different from other apps as it helps you in developing vital job skills by making available a wide range of topics like tech, business, computer languages, operating systems and much more. They have the facility of monthly subscriptions providing you with all its content.


duolingo, techbuzzes.com, techbuzzes, Educational AppsDuolingo is best for learning other languages. It teaches you around more than 20 languages with constant exercises, quizzes, and tests. It is free and uses simple ways to teach. Duolingo maintains constant report of your tests and helps you improve.


com.sololearn,techbuzzes.com, techbuzzes, Educational AppsSololearn is new and really famous for coding.It focuses on a variety of programming languages like HTML, C++, Javascript, PHP, C#, CSS, Python, Java, SQL, Swift and Ruby.

It gives you the opportunity to interact and discuss questions and answers with other users. For that, it has ‘Discussion pages’. It is available for free without ad interrupts.


VoLT-VOCABULARY LEARNING TECHNIQUES, techbuzzes.com, techbuzzes, Educational AppsVoLT is for vocabulary development. It provides pretty explanations for words and also performs tests and revisions. It also provides synonyms and antonyms which attract the readers.

photomath, techbuzzes.com, techbuzzes, Educational AppsPhotomath is a savior for algebra and quadratic equation lovers. It recognizes handwritten or printed equations and solves them. It works very well and is fast too.
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