How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos And Photos Into Your Phone

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The very popular app in all the smartphones is our very own WhatsApp, it has launched a new feature called ‘Story’, where people upload videos/images for duration of 24 hour, after which it vanishes, kidding it gets deleted. So if you think you want to save some videos or images from your friend’s story, which you like, we have a way for it. It’s a very quick and easy way to Download Whatsapp Status Videos and save peoples stories. So now you can also save stories in jiffy.

Download WhatsApp Status Videos And Photos Into Your Phone:

There are many ways to Download Whatsapp Status Videos and photos & save your WhatsApp stories, here we will be sharing two ways, use as per your convenience.

Method 1: To download an app to view stories.

Method 2: By using your very own File Explorer we can download and save your favourite stories.


Follow these steps and the images/videos are in your phones forever.

  1. Open Google Play; download an app called ‘Status Saver for WhatsApp’.
    Download Whatsapp Status Videos
  2. Now go to WhatsApp, and see the persons Status, as soon as you see the person status on WhatsApp the status gets uploaded on the other app which you downloaded called the ‘Status Saver for WhatsApp’.
  3. Now open the Status Saver App, click on the box called ‘Recent Stories’.
  4. Now all the images and videos will appear in a thumbnail format, select those images/videos you want and then click the download button on the top right corner.
  5. Now go back, and click in the ‘Saved Stories’ button.
  6. So there you go, you have saved you stories in the ‘Saved Stories’ section.

Note: Once you delete this app you won’t get to see your saved stories.


  1. Open your ES File Explorer (or Explorer/File manager).
  2. After you open your Explorer there will be a area under Storage,click that.
  3. On the top right corner there is Drop down menu bar, click that and select show hidden folders.
  4. Open the WhatsApp folder.
  5. Open .Statuses folder.
  6. There you go; you have all those stories which you have seen so far in WhatsApp.

Note: Here the stories are saved as long as its there in the WhatsApp so you need to save it. The images/videos get deleted as soon as it gets deleted from the WhatsApp status.

Also you always have to view a story to get saved in Explorer, without viewing your images/videos won’t get saved.

So now we have given you two ways to Download WhatsApp Status Videos And Photos Into Your Phone, choose your way and have a happy saving.

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