How To Unsend WhatsApp Message or Recall WhatsApp Message?


The most expected and awaited WhatsApp feature of 2017 is now here for all the active WhatsApp users of the World. WhatsApp has not taken much time in leaving behind BBM and Facebook Messenger far behind in the chat race.  Today we will see How To Unsend WhatsApp Message or Recall WhatsApp Message. It’s now easy to delete sent message on whatsApp before someone sees it.

The WhatsApp ‘Delete for everyone‘ feature, similar to its name allows the users to delete or recall the sent messages in WhatsApp. Earlier this facility was limited to the “elite” BlackBerry phones only. Now it has been brought to the masses.

The rollback feature is a time-sensitive feature. It can only rollback those messages which are sent within 7 minutes of delivery. But sometimes in excitement or due to excessive use we send some messages that we never intended or wanted to send. Such situations can cause a lot of troubles and embarrassment.

So to save you from all the emotional chaos this article provides you a way of getting out from such situations and helping you roll back your messages sent in WhatsApp.


Steps to Unsend WhatsApp Message or Recall WhatsApp Message?

Follow the following steps to Rollback your messages in WhatsApp Temporarily.

  1. Open your WhatsApp application.
  2. Select the chat where you have sent an inappropriate message.
  3. After the chat of the specific person is opened, long press on the message to select it.
  4. After selection click on Delete Button on top.
  5. After clicking you will get 3 Options window as shown below.

NOTE: “Delete for Me” option Deletes the message only for you and the receiver sees it. “Delete for Everyone” option Deletes the message for you and everyone else. And the Third option is “Cancel”, if you do not want to delete.

6. For deleting the message for All Click on Delete For Everyone option.

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This DELETE FOR EVERYONE option will delete the whole message and you will be back on where you left. This latest feature is fully tested and is trending all over news on How To Unsend WhatsApp Message or Recall WhatsApp Message?. The above mentioned steps clearly show how you can revoke or rollback your message in WhatsApp.

Mentioning again that this feature only works when the receiver has not read the text and then only you can delete it from everyone. You must also take care that this works only when both the users have the updated Whatsapp version.

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