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Bluetooth devices are always handy and portable to use it on the go. A good Bluetooth speaker with a rich sound quality is always pleasing to the ear. JBL speakers are very demanding now-a days as they are of very good quality with a high brand value. Hence, many iPhone users find it a joy in connecting their JBL speaker to iPhone , to have a good sound experience.

A lot of research has been done which shows that many of the iPhone users find it difficult to connect their phone to Bluetooth speakers. If you do not find a right guide to properly connect your iPhone to the Bluetooth peripherals, it is obviously going to be difficult for you to make it work. Do not panic, as we are here to help you out through the entire process.

We are providing you complete steps to connect your favorite JBL speaker to iPhone :

Most importantly the device you want to pair must be compatible to your iPhone. Be with us, we will guide you properly which will make it easy for you to pair your device. Let’s have a look:

  • As the Bluetooth range is not much of a distance, hence keeping the devices closer will allow them to connect easily. Put your iPhone near to the Speaker.
  • Then enable discovering mode in the speaker to be connected. Different Bluetooth speakers need different operations to get connected, check and go through the manual for easy access.
  • Now enable Bluetooth on your iPhone from the settings.
  • Check for the discoverable devices list and look for the speaker to be paired. If not available make sure your speaker is in discovering mode.
  • Generally, the speakers get connected easily without asking for any security password, if it does check the manual for the default password.
  • A signal or LED indicator present in the speaker interface will indicate the connection of your devices. If not connected, it will be in standby
  • Now you can enjoy your favorite music and have a good time.

Sometimes it does not connect due to some reasons, maybe there is a problem with your iPhone or maybe-with the speaker. Try connecting your iPhone to other Bluetooth peripherals and see if the problem persists.

If the problem is with the speaker, you can charge the speaker and switch it on properly and see whether the speaker is broken or not. If it’s broken, grab a new one.

If the problem is on your iPhone, try resetting all the settings to the default one, restart the device and remove all the Bluetooth devices and follow the steps discussed.


These are the methods to connect your JBL speaker to iPhone with favorite Bluetooth speaker. Make sure to follow the steps properly and do not rush, keep patience and connect the device and enjoy the music. Many of the Bluetooth devices are not much compatible to the iPhone series, hence it is a must to look out for the compatible devices to pair up with the phone.

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