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Oppo F5 is an amazing smartphone comes with a 6-inch touchscreen, resolutions of 1080 pixels,octa-coreMediaTek MT6763T processor, 4GB ram, 32 GB internal storage, and expandable upto 256GB. As, we all know oppo for their best camera, in this smartphone, Oppo has given 16-megapixel primary camera and with 20 MP front camera for taking an outstanding selfie. But, you might be confused with is Oppo F5 waterproof ? What if this amazing featured smartphone falls into a pool, or into deep water or lake, will it survive?

Well, in this guide I will clear your confusion about oppo F5 waterproofing feature. Can Oppo F5 survive in water? , There are many information’s are available online where they are saying it’s as waterproof, where others are saying water resistance. So, which one is correct, is Oppo F5 waterproof or water resistance?

Difference Between Waterproof and Water Resistance

Nowadays every new device is available in the market promising they can survive in the water. But, it doesn’t mean all devices are waterproof, most of the devices available in the market are actually water resistance, including the latest IPhone X. So, what is the difference between these two phrases?

If your device is water resistance than under some circumstances and conditions it can resist the water from coming into the device. But, remember water resistance means only under certain conditions it can resist the water. However, if your device is waterproof, that means if your device stays underwater for a long time, it will remain unaffected.

Is Oppo F5 Waterproof Or Not?

If you have a closer to the warranty disclosure, you will find there is nothing written about waterproof. But, the company has claimed oppo F5 was water resistance.

Oppo F5 comes with ingress protection or also known as IP rating of 7.  If you look into the IP rating, you will see under the rating 7 it’s clearly mentioned, that ingress of water into the device in harmful quantity shall not be possible to survive when the device is immersed into underwater under defined conditions of pressure and time.

However, Oppo F5 can survive if it is submerged in water 1 m depth upto 30min.  Which means, your Oppo F5 will not get any damage in contact with rain, or asplash of water, or even if it falls into little depth water. But, it is been tested that the functions of oppo F5 don’t work underwater. So, if you have a plan to take selfie or picture under water, it’s not possible. The touchscreen also doesn’t respond under water. Inspite of that, your device will work perfectly after taking it from the water.

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So, Oppo F5 is not waterproof but water resistant.  However, you don’t need to worry about if your oppo F5 falls into water, it works perfectly after pulling it back. But, you shouldn’t keep your device for a long time underwater, it may cause some issue.

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