7 Essential Tips To Recover Deleted Files From Windows Pc

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Did you forget to back up your data? Did you lose your important file? Want some tips to recover deleted files ?Do not worry as we will guide you the best possible way to recover your deleted files.

File deletion may occur accidentally or you are unlucky enough to back up the process. Anyways, there is hardly any issues regarding this. You can simply follow some steps and recover deleted files using your Windows PC.

Stay tuned as we will provide some essential tips which will help you to recover your deleted files with ease.

  • Build your recovery toolkit

You can build your recovery toolkit just by installing recovery tools in your PC before any data is lost. Some of the best available recovery toolkits which will help you out are: Recuva, PC Inspector File Recovery, Undelete plus, etc.

  • Recover corrupt file

Sometimes if the file is corrupted, you can try out third party apps to recover your corrupted file. You can either opt for the PC Tools File Recovery or Recover My Files. Both the tools offer a variety of formats but you have to pay for the premium version of the apps.

  • Right file search

You can search the exact search for the file type you are looking for and using Recuva you can easily do that by performing a quick search. Most of the tools offer variety of different searches as per the nature of the searches, hence picking up the right search is a must.

  • Install to flash drive

It allows to install a tool called Undelete plus from a flash drive and can be easily run in your PC. Similarly you can extract the zip file directory of the flash drive using a portable Recuva tool.

  • Deep search

Some tools offer deep searches which help in finding out the lost or hidden files from directory or partitions. Thorough search option scans the drive cluster to cluster which helps recover lost data.

  • Recover data from CDs/DVDs

Recovering data from CDs/DVDs requires special tools depending upon the nature of problem which may be either virtual or physical. You can opt for ISO Buster or CD Roller to help yourself out.

  • Recover images from memory card

As long as the memory card is visible in windows, there is a possibility to recover the lost images from your memory card. Zero Assumption Recovery is the tool which will help you to recover images from the memory card easily.

Wrapping up

We hope this article will help you out and serve your purpose. These are the best essential tips and possible ways to recover deleted files from Windows PC.

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