Whatsapp data – The Idea about your privacy


I guess almost every human being use Whatsapp nowadays. So the overview of where our WhatsApp data is flowing is much needed. We are in the world of technology where every single element can be manipulated with the help of technology.

With every single day, every social site has been trying to improve the user experience and have been providing a better privacy for the user. In the recent days, Whatsapp team have announced that there will be new terms and conditions for using the service. They say that they won’t be asking permission for gathering the user WhatsApp data but rather than to explain and protect the information about the user. The update will be done basically before the effect of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), GRPR will come into action on 25 May.

Basically, the two most significant changes are the required age for signing up which was 16 years will now be changed to 13 years and the new users will be able to download the WhatsApp data which they will be sharing with the Whatsapp. Web pages will be providing the knowledge about being safe on the platform.

Whatsapp stores a limited amount of the data which is required for providing the service. It does not store your messages, files or call logs. The elements of data will be specific to the phone number which was used while creating the account.

The elements of data which are stored and can be shared with the user are Username, Ip Address, Display Picture, Groups (you are involved), Blocked User, Terms and Conditions (you accepted)  and some reports regarding your account.

Whatsapp have announced earlier that it is not sharing any user information in improving your product and ad experience on Facebook. Recently it has started showing interest in working more closely with other Facebook companies and the team have stated that they will be notifying the user if any such action takes place in future.

Both Facebook and Whatsapp can block those account from their data which are found spreading spam and other abusive content. These upcoming changes clearly rectify that Whatsapp cares about our data privacy.


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