Best Android Launchers in 2018 to enhance look of your Device

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Smartphones evolved a long way and with every update, they just get better. However, we as the users are sometimes fed up with the UI that the company provides the phone with. This is where the Best Android Launchers apps come handy for us. That is when we go to the Launcher trying to do some customizations to make your UI look cool. Deeper if we go into development stuff, we can max out the ability of the phone with a lot of customizations but, little does all of the users have such interest and time for it.

Looking at the Best Android Launchers apps again, there are a lot of them available and most of us confused what to use and which is better for them. So here, we’re gonna crack these apps based on which is best for whom.

List of Best Android Launchers in 2018:

First and the Best one among the list – Nova Launcher:

This launcher is for all the customization freaks out there. In the house over six years from its initial release, it makes us wonder about its capabilities. With time and other launcher apps releasing, it was very for Nova Launcher to not lose users; simple, they stuck to the same base (Extreme Customizations).

Launchers for Android, Android Launcher App, Nova Launcher, Nova Launcher for Android, techbuzzesAs you have read it, with the level of customization it offers, it will be difficult for someone who is new to this. Even though the developers made it look easy for the newbies over the years,  it is still troublesome to start off. But once you have mastered the skill and know every inch of the app, there’s no stopping you from making your phone look the best.

Concluding, get this launcher if you are looking for some serious customizations. Although the basic versions have a good amount of features, you might want to get the Rs.99 lifetime premium version which I can totally vouch for as the best.

Download the Nova Launcher

Simple and Easy handling – Evie Launcher

This is the least complicated launcher among all the launcher apps and will be perfect for beginners. If your phone is an older one and if it is grappling to keep with your pace, this works the best for you. The developers have made it with a primary scope of simplicity and the one which will make your phone butter smooth for the day to day usage.

Evie Launcher, techbuzzes,
Source: TechBuzzes

The one feature for which most of the people like it is for, the universal search bar which is relative to the iOS’s Spotlight search. This search bar works pretty well for you to navigate through any corner of the phone. Other than that, we have a range of customization options available such as icon packs, gesture controls, and quick toggles.

Download Evie Launcher

Balanced yet professional – Action Launcher

Action Launcher is another such launcher app which gives us plenty of options and customizations to choose and yet doesn’t make us lose track or confuse us. It is quite well balanced and has an easy to use interface which can be brought to any mind quickly. The Action Launcher is known for its balance and the tidbits it offers. Simply saying, there are a lot of customization features from which a few are better than the Nova Launcher.

Action Launcher, techbuzzes
Source: Action Launcher

But, the free version doesn’t offer as many features that you might expect. The Plus versions come for Rs.300 which is kind of expensive but a one-time investment. If you are indecisive about buying, I would suggest you try other launcher apps and then invest in the Action Launcher if things don’t go your way with others. And trust me, you won’t regret it after you buy this.

Download Action Launcher

The Eccentric one – Microsoft Launcher

Yes, you read it right. Microsoft Launcher. No wonder as we already know that Microsoft has lately been working on a lot of apps for Android. The Microsoft Launcher stands out of the league for its unlikeness. It does the things differently which works quite fluent with all the apps on your phone. It comes with a custom designed feed which shows information like weather, news, recent contacts, app, and recent pictures. In case you have a Microsoft account, it syncs all your data such as calendar and tasks to all your Windows devices.

Microsoft Launcher, techbuzzes
Source: TechBuzzes

You can surely give it a try for its ability to work differently and for the fact that it is available for free without any in-app purchases. It doesn’t come with all the stuffed customization options such as Nova and Action Launchers and more importantly, it won’t give you that materialistic stock experience. Only options to ditch this launcher app but, yeah, you can surely give it a try.

Download Microsoft Launcher

Other than these, we have several other Best Android Launchers apps such as Apex Launcher, Buzz Launcher, ADW Launcher and many more with similar kind of features of the above mentioned. We hope you have got your mind cleared and are all set to go try the one that fits you. Let us know in the comments section below which is the one that works the best for you.

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